Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

April 8, 1992

The meeting opened at 8:12 pm with President Tryon Wells presiding, John Thomson serving as Acting Recording Secretary and the following members present: Phil Jones, Ken Sale, Pat Barnett, Peter Jones, Leah Hertz, John Matthews, John Thomson, Tryon Wells, Maurice Tobin, Luther Carter, Charles Trammel III, Art Gutnick, Brad Coolidge, Holly Syrrakos.

The minutes of the March meeting were approved as published in the April edition of the Islander.

Financial Secretary Marilyn Fuchs' report indicated that there are still a few members, regular and inactive, who have not paid their 1992 dues. With the approval of the members present, Pat Barnett will call the delinquents, and those who have not paid by the May meeting will be assumed to have resigned.

John Thomson proposed that Joe Manno, an active member for 42 years, be elected to Honorary membership. This was passed unanimously.

Membership Secretary Pat Barnett reported one resignation from inactive members - Ray and Mary Lou Munts - and one proposed move from Regular to Inactive status - Richard Ringell. The Munts' resignation was accepted with regret and Richard Ringell was transferred to Inactive status. There being one opening for Regular membership, Paul and Jacqueline London were advanced to Regular membership. The Londons have been on the waiting list since March 14, 1989.

Treasurer Ken Sale reports that the treasury is in good shape.

Caretaker Peter Jones reported that the water filter in the caretaker's apartment has broken and needs replacing. The problem will be discussed with our water and well specialists.

Captain John Matthews presented the final plan for the deck addition to the Clubhouse, drawn by John Weibenson. There was extensive discussion of the height of the deck railing (planned for safety reasons to be 40 inches) and the need for lighting on the deck. Ultimately the plans were approved with the addition of lights and electrical outlets on the deck. The projected cost will be $11,200, for which Treasurer Ken Sale reports we have the funds.

Members were reminded of the Workfest on April 12 and of the upcoming Potomac River Whitewater Race on May 3. Members were urged to assist with refreshments for the race.

John Thomson reported on the response to our concerns for the access path and blockage in the Cabin John underpass. The latter is being taken care of, and the path is going to be looked into soon. The Park Service's problem is, of course, the lack of funds.

The meeting closed at 9:25 pm.

Johh Seabury Thomson, Acting Recording Secretary