Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

March 11, 1992

The March meeting of the Club was called to order at the home of Anne and Larry Heilman by President Tryon Wells at 8:15 pm. Present were: John and Peggy Thomson, David Lyles, John Matthews, George and Marcia Loeb, Jessie Bakeman, Pat Barnett, Joe and Mary Vogel, Tryon Wells, Ken Sale, Anne and Larry Heilman, Leah Hertz, Peter Jones, Holly Syrrakos.

The minutes of the February meeting were approved as printed in the March issue of the Islander.

John Thomson reported an invitation to the Club from the American Canoe Association to join for $75 per year. The members decided to decline the invitation.

Treasurer Ken Sale reported the balance in the Club's cash management account at the end of February totaled $41,794.91. All expenditures are normal.

Financial Secretary Marilyn Fuch's report showed deposits of $3,231.50 during the past month. As of March 8, 91% of dues-paying members have made payment.

Membership Secretary Pat Barnett reported two vacancies in Regular membership, and two new members were elected to Regular membership: Maurice and Joan Tobin, Brooks Billingsley and Michael Berger.

Captain John Matthews reported that he has been working with architect John Weibenson on the design of the new deck f or the Clubhouse. The cost estimate of $8,000 given at the November meeting now appears to be too low. John will present the final plan and cost figures at the April meeting of the Club on the Island.

John Matthews also expressed concern about the condition of the path down to the canal from the George Washington Parkway, and asked John Thomson in his capacity as liaison to the Park Service to write a letter to the Park Service expressing concern about the path's deterioration. Members also expressed concern about graffiti on the bridge over the parkway. John Thomson will mention both items in his letter to the Park Service.

Caretaker Peter Jones noted that no one has attended recent Third Saturday work sessions, and suggested that the Third Saturday work sessions be reinvigorated or discontinued. Peter also noted that he thought people needed to be warned that river levels above 5 feet on the Little Falls gauge are dangerous for canoeing. It was agreed that an appropriate warning in high water conditions should be posted at the canoe dock. Tryon will contact the Safety Committee to carry out this decision.

The business portion of the meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm. followed by refreshments and a slide show by Larry Heilman of trekking in Nepal.

-- David Lyles, Recording Secretary