Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

February 12, 1992

The February meeting of the Club was called to order at the home of Barbara and Gerry Barton by President Tryon Wells at 8:05 pm. Present were: Peggy Thomson, John Thomson, Charlie Trammel III, Al Brown, Gerry Barton, Barbara Barton, David Lyles, Tryon Wells, Mark Schlefer, Marian Schlefer, Pat Barnett, Ken Sale, Art Gutnick.

The minutes of the January meeting were approved as printed in the February issue of the Islander.

Treasurer Ken Sale reported the balance in the Club's cash management account at the end of January was $33,682.02. Ken noted that all expenditures were normal.

Financial Secretary Marilyn Fuchs' report showed a total of $23,195 deposited in the Club's cash management account during the past month.

Membership Secretary Pat Barnett reported a total of 6 vacancies in Regular membership from resignations and from transfers from Regular to Senior status. Six new members were elected to Regular membership: Glen Garelik, Thomas and Elizabeth Gibbon, Edward and Leah Hertz, Stefan and Shelah Leader, Robert Lehrman, David Narrow and Carol Schecter.

John Thomson noted that the position of House Chairperson was still vacant. Tryon indicated that he would look for a suitable candidate to fill the position.

John Thomson also noted that the Potomac River Whitewater Canoe Race will take place on May 3. As we have for many years, our club is co-hosting the event with the Canoe Cruisers' Association.

The spring workfest was scheduled for April 12, with a rain date for April 26.

The business portion of the meeting adjourned at 8:50 pm for delicious refreshments, followed by a fascinating lecture and video by host Gerry Barton on his trip to the headwaters of the Yenissei River in the Republic of Tuva adjacent to the northwest corner of Mongolia.

-- David Lyles, Recording Secretary