Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

March 13, 1991

The meeting was called to order at the home of Ruth Haas by President Jack Sanders at 8:15 p.m. Present were: John Matthews, Brad Coolidge, Peter Jones, Jack Sanders, Ruth Haas, Mary Vogel, Tryon Wells, Pat Barnett, Joe Vogel.

The minutes of the February meeting were approved as printed in the March edition of The Sycamore Islander.

Treasurer Ken Sale sent in a copy of his printed report for the month of February which showed a balance of $33,022.14 in the c1ub's cash management account at the end of the month.

Financial Secretary Marilyn Fuchs sent in a copy of her report which showed total deposits of $2,798 for dues, application fees, and guest card fees. She also said a reminder letter had been sent to members who have not yet made any payment on their 1991 dues. This included 23 regular members, 4 senior members and 5 inactive members. There was some concern expressed about this because, as the by-laws direct, if a member is later than a calendar quarter in paying dues they are automatically "deemed to have resigned" as of the date of the first monthly meeting after the quarter. Unless the situation changes by March 31st, at the next meeting about 15% of the club membership may be "deemed to have resigned." Such a situation would certainly make many people on the waiting list happy!

Membership Secretary Pat Barnett reported that the waiting lit currently stands at 80. She also made a motion to grant the request of two members who wanted to be moved to inactive status since in both cases they said that they would not be using the island because they were expecting babies soon. There was considerable discussion on this, finally resulting in a defeat of the measure for lack of a second. It is noted here that the members present concluded that having a baby is not "compelling" enough a reason to be moved to inactive status which remains reserved for (1) leaving the area for a year or more or (2) significant medical reasons.

Captain John Matthews reported that work on replacing the screening of the screen porch under the clubhouse would begin soon. This involves some light carpentry and should be completed before painting. The gutters haven't been installed at the time of the meeting but it is thought that this would also be tackled soon. He further discussed the idea that a stain rather than paint might be more successful on the clubhouse walls as the wood has a tendency to "throw off" paint. No decision was made on this issue.

Caretaker Peter Jones reported that his car had been vandalized on Walhonding, across the street from the Sycamore Store. The vandals shot into the trunk (which was unlocked) and later attempted to push the car into the little ravine next to where it was parked. He said the thick kudzu foiled the scoundrels in that attempt.

Old Business
The proposed amendment to standing rule 9C (allowing members to have dogs on the lower island "leashed and under control at all times") was taken up and a lively debate ensued. The measure will be voted upon at the next meeting. All members with strong feelings on this issue are urged to attend and vote.

New Business
Brad Coolidge started a motion to build a deck on the Virginia side of the clubhouse on the upper level. A single or double door was envisioned leading onto the deck opposite the current double door. Stairs off the deck down to the ground level would provide an second exit from the upper level clubhouse room. The current stairs off the ladies room would be removed and the door sealed. The motion passed unanimously providing that the costs be held down so that it would not be a "budget breaker." It was agreed to contact John Wiebenson and ask if he would draw up whatever plans might be needed. Two other smaller items were agreed to informally. (1) That some new (and somewhat more comfortable) chairs be supplied to the clubhouse, and (2) the feasibility of installing ceiling fans in the upstairs room be explored.

Spring Workfest
The Spring Workfest for 1991 was set for April 21st with the rain date set for April 28th. (The Whitewater race will be held on May 5th.)

The Club officers in attendance endorsed a recommendation to wish a speedy recovery to John Thomson and our heartfelt hope that he will soon be back participating in club activities.

In closing, Jack Sanders expressed the appreciation of the Club to Ruth Haas for hosting the March meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 10:00pm for delicious refreshments provided by our hostess.

-- Tryon Wells, Acting Recording Secretary