Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

February 13, 1991

The meeting was called to order at the home of Marion and Mark Schlefer by Vice President Tryon Wells at 8:10pm. Present were: Luther Carter, Ken Sale, Tryon Wells, David Lyles, Cynthia Barnes, Holly Syrrakos, Ruth Haas, Peggy Thomson, Marion and Mark Schlefer, John Thomson, Nancy Bower, John Matthews, Pat Barnett, Peter Jones, Brad Coolidge.

The minutes of the January meeting were approved as printed in the January edition of The Sycamore Islander, subject to correction of the date of the Treasurer's report from November to December.

John Thomson read John and Miriam Schubert's letter of resignation after 28 years of membership in the Club. Their resignation was accepted with regret, and they were unanimously elected to honorary membership.

John Thomson also reported that he recently received a letter from Congresswoman Connie Morella informing him that adequate funds have now been raised for construction of the bridges to Olmstead Island in Great Falls Park on the Maryland side.

Membership Secretary Pat Barnett reported one member presumed to have resigned for nonpayment of dues, two transfers from regular to inactive status, and one transfer from regular to senior membership in the past month. Three new members were elected to regular membership: David and Jane Winer, Gerald and Barbara Barton, Robert and Elizabeth Nicholas.

The members authorized the Membership Secretary to advance the next eligible member on the waiting list to regular membership status to fill the fourth vacancy. The Waiting List is now 83.

Treasurer Ken Sale submitted a report for the month of January showing a balance in the Club's cash management account of $28,231.78 at the end of the month.

Financial Secretary Marilyn Fuch's report showed deposits of $23,104.50 during the past month. As of this date, 143 members have paid part or all of their 1991 dues, 71% of the members who owe dues. Last year as of this time, 65% of the membership had paid dues.

Captain John Matthews reported that new gutters had been purchased for the Clubhouse, and that he would have them installed. John also noted that the Virginia side of the Clubhouse asphalt shingle roof is deteriorating. John is considering using the tin roofing sheets salvaged from the canoe shed to repair the Clubhouse roof. John noted that he was getting an outside opinion on removing the paint from the exterior of the Clubhouse. Finally, John recommended that when the ferry is locked on the Maryland side, it be locked more loosely to discourage people from coming down and standing on it.

Betty Burchell submitted a report from the Grounds Committee reminding members that the leaves had not been raked off of the lawn yet and that this would be a good project for the February Third Saturday work session.

Old Business
Tryon asked for a volunteer to host the March meeting. Ruth Haas volunteered. Directions to her house will be printed in the March Islander.

Tryon also reported that President Jack Sanders was considering the appointment of a Committee to review the future membership requirements of the Club.

David Lyles noted that the response for volunteer weekend caretakers has been very good. Weekend caretakers have been assigned through the end of March. More members will be contacted.

New Business
The members turned to a discussion of the proposal by Luther Carter published in the February edition of the Islander to amend the Standing Rules of the Club to allow dogs on the island as long as they ware on a leash and under control at all times. Luther introduced his proposal, and there was a general discussion by the members.

After discussing the matter, the members agreed to consider the motion at the March meeting and at the April meeting, with a vote on the motion and any amendments to it to take place at the April meeting.

In closing, Tryon expressed the appreciation of the Club to Marion and Mark Schlefer for hosting the February meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 9:10 pm for delicious refreshments provided by our hosts.

-- David S. Lyles, Recording Secretary