Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

December 12, 1990

The meeting was called to order at the home of Peggy and John Thomson by Recording Secretary David Lyles at 8:07 pm. Present were: Coy Lay, Charles Trammel III, David Lyles, Ken Sale, Phil Jones, Betty Burchell, John Thomson, Bill Kugler, Pat Barnett, Peter Jones, Mark Schlefer, Brad Coolidge, Marian Schlefer, Richard Doolittle, Penny Doolittle, Charlie Trammell Jr., Peggy Thomson.

The minutes of the November meeting were approved as printed in the December edition of The Sycamore Islander.

Treasurer Ken Sale submitted a report for the month of November showing a balance in the Club's cash management account of $14,582.49 at the end of the month. The final cost of the renovations to the Caretaker's apartment and the stairs to the Clubhouse stands at $26,643.15.

Financial Secretary Marilyn Fuchs reported collections of $196.50 during the past month. There is a balance of $395.83 in 1990 dues outstanding from 4 members. These members will be billed for their back dues with the 1991 dues bill.

Membership Secretary Pat Barnett reported no new resignations. Two members have requested transfer from Inactive to Regular membership. The Waiting List now stands at 80. There have been 36 additions to the Waiting List in 1990 compared to 18 additions in 1989.

Grounds Supervisor Betty Burchell reported that the grounds should be raked before the end of the winter, and that this project will be done as part of the regular Third Saturday work sessions.

Election of 1991 Officers
The slate of officers, supervisors and committee chairpersons for 1991 which was printed in the November Islander was unanimously elected.

Treasurer Ken Sale presented the recommendations of the Budget Committee on the 1991 budget for the Club. He noted that without either an increase in dues, an increase in the Regular membership level, or a combination of both, there would not be sufficient funds to continue the pace of capital improvements to the Club that has been ongoing for the past several years.

After discussing the matter, the membership unanimously elected to increase the Club dues for 1991 to the following levels:

Regular members - $192.00
Senior members - 96.00
Inactive members- 48.00

This level of dues will provide approximately $3,000-4,000 for capital improvements to the Club during the coming year.

During the discussion of the 1991 Budget, Phil Jones indicated that he intended to offer an amendment to the Club By-Laws to increase the Regular membership level from the current 155 to 165 at the January meeting.

The membership noted with regret the recent deaths of Senior member Waring Barnes and Honorary member Roger Foster.

In closing, David Lyles reminded members of the Third Saturday work session on December 15, and expressed the appreciation of the Club to Peggy and John Thomson for hosting the Annual Meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 9:30 pm for delicious refreshments provided by our hosts.

-- David S. Lyles, Recording Secretary