Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

April 11, 1990

The meeting was called to order on Sycamore Island by Recording Secretary David Lyles at 8:08 pm. Present were: Brad Coolidge, Al Brown, John Matthews, Ken Sale, Pat Barnett, Charlie Trammell III, David Lyles, Chris Lyles, Peter Jones, Gordon Kennedy, Phil Jones, John Thomson, Peggy Thomson, Betty Burchell.

The minutes of the meeting of March 14 were approved as printed in the April edition of The Sycamore Islander.

Treasurer Ken Sale reported an operating balance of $31,820.89 in the Club's Cash Management Account as of the end of March, 1990.

Financial Secretary Marilyn Fuchs' report showed total deposits of $2,908.30 to the Club's account in the past month. Reminder letters were sent to the 24 members who had made no dues payment as of March 24, 1990.

A motion was made that those members who have not paid their dues as of the next meeting would be considered to have resigned from the Club. A discussion of the problem of members who were delinquent in paying their dues followed. John Thomson volunteered to phone those members who had not paid their dues. Action on the motion was deferred until the next meeting.

Captain John Matthews reported that he had purchased a new septic tank made of polyvinyl chloride for installation on the Island. A work party was organized to transport the septic tank to the Island. A BIG hole will be dug at the spring workfest.

Membership Secretary Pat Barnett reported one resignation. One transfer from regular to inactive status was approved by the membership. Two new members were elected to regular status: James and Fraser Gilbane, Thomas and Kathleen Roberson.

Old Business
After a brief discussion, the members voted unanimously that the Club should become a member of the Citizens for the Abatement of Aircraft Noise (CAAN).

New Business
David Lyles reported for President Jack Sanders that three bids have been received for the project to remodel the Caretaker's apartment, with another bid anticipated.

On behalf of Jack Sanders, David appointed the following members to a Special Committee to review the bids and make a report and recommendation to the members at the May meeting: Jack Sanders, Chairman, Betty Burchell, David Lyles, John Weibenson, Ken Sale, Mark Schlefer, Charlie Trammell III, Brad Coolidge.

David Lyles reminded members of the upcoming Third Saturday and Spring Workfest.

-- David S. Lyles, Recording Secretary