Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

March 14, 1990

The meeting was called to order at the home of Cathy and Bruce Gaber by President Jack Sanders at 8:05 pm. Present were: Jack Sanders, Mark Schlefer, Pat Barnett, John Thomson, Marion Schlefer, Betty Burchell, Holly Syrakkos, Phil Jones, Ken Sale, Peter Jones, Al Brown, Bruce Gaber, Cathy Gaber, Jennifer Doeser (guest), Annette Davis (guest), David Lyles.

The minutes of the meeting of February 14 were amended to note that John and Martha Holdridge were advanced to senior membership, and the minutes were approved as amended.

The Club received a letter from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources outlining plans to construct a fish ladder at Little Falls. The current fish ladder in the Little Falls dam is not working, and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources wants to conduct weekly surveys of fish life above the dam.

Peter Jones received a letter from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration informing the Club of a new phone number and address.

John Thomson has been in touch with Tom Hobbes, the new superintendent of the C & O Canal Park, and other newly assigned park officials. He reports that the people he contacted were river enthusiasts.

Treasurer Ken Sale's report showed an operating balance of $29,479.06 in the Club's Cash Management Account as of the end of February, 1990.

Financial Secretary Marilyn Fuchs reported total deposits to the Club's account of $5,641.47. Of the 196 members who owe dues in the various membership categories, 149, or 76%, have made a payment as of March, 14. Second dues notices will be sent before the end of March.

Membership Secretary Pat Barnett reported 2 resignations. The applications of two members to transfer from regular to inactive status were approved. Three new members were elected to regular membership: Barry Weinberg, Tove and Susan Elfstrom, Richard and Linda Riegelman.

Five new additions to the Waiting List brings the total Waiting List for 64 before new elections. We are now electing persons who applied for membership in December, 1987. Twenty-five guest cards have been issued for 1990.

Caretaker Peter Jones reported that the wildflowers are blooming on the Island and the Island looks beautiful.

Grounds Committee Chairperson Betty Burchell noted that she had several grounds projects for the March Third Saturday work session. Betty also prepared a sign reminding members that:

If you are the only party on-the island, and there is no ferry or boat on the other side, no one can get over unless you stand by to answer the bell. If you want to go on the river, or away from the sound of the bell - PLEASE - TAKE THE FERRY OVER AND LOCK IT UP!!!

This sign will be posted on the bulletin board as you come up the walk from the ferry.

Recording Secretary David Lyles reported that the response to the request for weekend caretakers was very good; more people have volunteered that there are slots available. He also noted that liability waivers have been returned by over half of the Club members.

John Thomson reminded members of the Potomac River Whitewater Canoe Race on May 6.

New Business
Betty Burchell introduced the guest speaker for the evening, Annette Davis, one of the founders and now Vice President of Citizens for the Abatement of Aircraft Noise (CAAN).

Ms. Davis told the Club that CAAN includes 67 civic associations across the metro area, and is also associated with the Noise Abatement Committee of the Council of Governments. CAAN is governed by a 9 member board - 3 members from Maryland, 3 from DC, and 3 from Virginia. There is no financial commitment to joining CAAN. Operating revenues for the organization are raised through fundraisers.

The goals of CAAN are to eliminate nighttime aircraft noise, and to work for a regulated increase in the use of quieter, newer "Stage 3" aircraft flying into and out of National Airport.

The members discussed whether the Club should become a member of CAAN. The members decided that a statement of CAAN's goals would be published in the April Islander, and that a motion for the Club to become a member of CAAN would be voted on at the April meeting.

Jack Sanders thanked the Gabers for their hospitality, and the meeting adjourned for refreshments at approximately 9:45 pm. Following refreshments, a program on the National Wildlife Federation's Rainforest Initiative was presented by Jennifer Doeser.

-- David S. Lyles, Recording Secretary