Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

January 10, 1990

The meeting was called to order at the home of Angela and Jeff Glosser by President Jack Sanders at 8:15 pm. Present were: Jack Sanders, Ken Sale, Al Brown, Jeff Glosser, Angela Glosser, Phil Jones, Charles Trammell III, Lydia Kugler, Bill Kugler, Peter Jones, Holly Syrakkos, John Thomson, John Matthews, David Lyles.

The minutes of the Annual Meeting of December 13, 1989 were accepted as printed in the Sycamore Islander of January 1990.

Treasurer Ken Sale's Report showed an operating balance of $13,271.08 in the Club's Cash Management Account as of January 1, 1990.

Peter Jones, reporting for outgoing Eligibility Chairman Marcia Marks, noted that there was one vacancy in the Club's Regular membership and recommended that Victoria Cowles and Nick Maravel be advanced from the Waiting List to Regular membership. A motion to that effect was made and accepted.

Captain John Matthews reported that he and Plumbing Supervisor Joe O'Boyle had been working on clearing up a blockage in the plumbing system on the Island. Plans for a new septic system on the Island were also discussed. Progress on the addition to the Caretaker's quarters was also discussed, and Jack Sanders indicated that he would be in touch with architect John Wiebenson on this matter.

Caretaker Peter Jones indicated that the ice was breaking up on the river. The slough between the Island and the Maryland shore was now ice-free, although there were still chunks of ice coming down the river.

Old Business
The members discussed the use of the ferry during unsafe river conditions. Jack Sanders suggested that the Club adopt a policy of flying a red flag at the ferry landing on the Island to indicate to members when the river conditions were unsafe for operation of the ferry. The Club endorsed this proposal, and Peter Jones indicated that he would prepare such a flag.

New Business
Peter Jones agreed to assume responsibility for shutting off and turning on the water on the Island during the cold months.

Recording Secretary David Lyles reported that he was preparing an updated edition of the Club's By-Laws and Standing Rules for distribution to members.

Jack Sanders indicated that the Spring Workfest date would be April 22, with a rain date of April 29.

Jack Sanders thanked the Glossers for their hospitality, and the meeting adjourned for refreshments at 9:15.

-- David Lyles, Recording Secretary