Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

December 13, 1989

The meeting was called to order at the home of Peggy and John Thomson by President David Lyles at 8:05 p.m. Present were: Abigail Wiebenson, Mark Schlefer, John Matthews, Mary Vogel, Gerry Barton, Betty Burchell, Marion Schlefer, Frank Daspit, Lydia Weber, Charlie Trammell III, Nell Hennessy, Ken Sale, Leonard Meeker, Margaret Herring, John Thomson, Peter Jones, Patricia Barnett, John Wiebenson, Peggy Thomson.

The minutes of the 13 November meeting were accepted as printed in The Sycamore Islander (December, 1989).

President David Lyles welcomed members to our Annual Meeting at which our slate of officers is elected.

David Lyles reported on recent communications from our insurance agent. It would cost $450 to $500 to provide fire insurance for our two tool sheds and canoe rack They could not insure the clubhouse as it does not meet underwriters' standards because of the heating stove (circle of warmth too close to walls and floor) in main room. The finance committee feels that we can self-insure for the outbuildings. If the upstairs heater is the single impediment for insuring the clubhouse, we can decide whether or not it should be replaced.

We have not been able to get the increased coverage of an umbrella policy for liability. At present, we have the same $One million liability coverage.

John Thomson reported a $50 donation to The Sycamore Islander from one of our Honorary members.

Treasurer (combined with Budget report): Mark Schlefer gave highlights of the budget as follows: Dues of $170 for full membership remain the same. Budget is based on revenues of $34,635 for 1990 and expenses are based on this years expense and expenses include 51.57 increase in caretaker's salary (from $11,600 to $12,200). Utilities estimated as same; taxes usually go up, $500 reserved for $1,000 health insurance deductible for caretaker; may have extra expenses for replacing septic system; always keep about $750 in Contingency Reserve for paying mandatory expenses (like extra taxes) that have not been budgeted.

David Lyles proposed to members that as was done last year a $250 Christmas bonus be given to caretaker. John Thomson moved that a $250 bonus be given -- seconded and passed.

Mark Schlefer reported that unless there are unforeseen expenses, we will have an operating surplus of $11,000 at the end of this year. This surplus will be deposited in a CD if we do not need it for capital improvements. Our new budget for 1990 should give us a surplus of approximately $13,000 at end of next year A member moved that the budget be approved as presented. Motion seconded and passed.

John Matthews reported we are having sewage problems again. The system needs to be replaced; a new tank could cost from $1,000 to $15,000. Also might need new type of chlorination system. Making a drainage field was discussed by members. As soon as warm weather comes, repairs must be made.

Marcia Marks had reported by phone no changes in membership.

David Lyles said now was time for election of officers. The new slate of officers had been published in November Islander. Since then there had been only one modification: Jessie Bakeman as Archivist. David asked if there were any nominations from floor. There were none. The motion was made to elect slate of officers as nominated. Seconded and passed unanimously. (Election of Officers, Supervisors, and Committee Chairpersons incorporated into minutes.)

Charley Trammell had executed a Deed of Gift to give our archives to the Columbia Historical Society. He planned to deliver them this weekend.

David Lyles reported that the Gabers will host the March meeting. We still need someone to host February meeting.

President Lyles now introduced main item of business -- making a decision on renovations to caretaker's quarters; how much we want to spend and what changes we want to make. After discussion at last meeting, John Wiebenson's plans had been published in Islander. John would explain plans in more detail and then John Matthews would give cost estimates.

Basically New Plan #1 extended the bedroom and added a sitting room towards the Maryland side. This addition would need concrete and steel footings and would be more expensive than the other plan. New Plan #2 would make closet space for the bedroom in the present locker space and would create living space using half of the present screened porch, thus saving money.

Several members commented that even though Plan #2 would save money by using existing space (half the screened porch) they felt the plan cut up the space in the original clubhouse and they did not like losing the screened porch. Some members felt that it might be short sighted to focus only on the cost of renovations, rather than on what would be best for the club.

Mark Schlefer gave a brief report on possible financing for renovations. If we increased dues only $5 a year for 5 years (only 50 cents a month), we could raise $15,000. If we went an another 2-3 years, we could raise up to $25,000. He considers it fair to spread the costs over a number of years since it is a capital improvement. We also have $35,000 in CD's plus operating surpluses for this year and next. We would not use all our cash resources.

After further discussion, Mark Schlefer made a motion to proceed with New Plan #1 as modified by interior expansion into locker area as opposed to extending walls of the bedroom, making plans sufficiently detailed to get bids on construction costs as promptly as possible. Motion seconded. Motion passed with 11 for and 2 against.

President David Lyles thanked the Thomsons for their hospitality. Members thanked outgoing President Lyles for his energy, spirit and creativity in carrying out his duties these past three years. The meeting adjourned at 9:40 p.m.

Mary Vogel, Recording Secretary
21 December 1989