Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

October 12, 1989

The meeting was called to order or) the Island at 8:10 p.m. by President David Lyles. Present were:

David Lyles, Betty Burchell, Brad Coolidge, John Thomson, David Winer, Peter Jones, Charles Trammell, Peter Fuchs, Bill Bays, Arthur Gutnick, Jessie Bakeman, Patricia Barnett, Mark Schlefer, Marcia Marks

The minutes of the September 13 meeting were accepted as printed in THE SYCAMORE ISLANDER (October, 1989).

No communications reported. David Winer (applicant) introduced himself and announced the Wooden Canoe Association's Mid-Atlantic Paddle on October 28 trip on the Pocomoke and invited Islanders to join in.


Mark Schlefer reported a balance of $21,805 in CMA account at the beginning of September, with no deposits and dividends of $168. Expenses in September were $2,934.75. Total liquid assets are $44,044.47. We are well within our budget with taxes ($1,309.18) being our largest expense for the month.

The question was raised as to whether the Club was entitled to "Green Space" tax reduction (similar to Burning Tree Golf Club). Mark explained that our acreage was too limited -- but that it might be worth enquiring further.

Financial Secretary
Marcia Marks, reporting for Bill Banta, noted deposits of $430.

Marcia Marks reported no change in the membership status or waiting list.

In the absence of John Matthews, it was reported that he and Blair Bower were planning to reconstruct our septic tank using treated lumber.

There was extended discussion of the proposals for enlarging the Caretaker's quarters but, given incomplete plans at the present, decisions were deferred until the November meeting.

Grounds Committee
Betty Burchell noted that the chief activity of the present is the control and/or elimination of kudzu. This is currently being pursued by cutting and daubing with a weed killer provided by Johnna Robinson. Marcia Marks expressed concern over the potency of the poison.

Notes of General Importance
David Lyles reports that Jack Sanders is having grave difficulty in rounding up members to serve as Saturday Caretakers. This led to much discussion and numerous suggestions: recruit paid teenager; remind all members of their responsibility to serve the club; invite more active participation.

Nominating Committee
David Lyles reported that the slate is filling nicely but the Committee still needs candidates for Vice President, Camping, Large Parties, Entertainment, arid House.

Unfinished Business
David Lyles raised the subject of amendments to the Standing Rules and By-Laws which had been published in the ISLANDER. John Thomson moved that the amendments be adopted as published, and Mark Schlefer seconded -- and then the discussion began. This was extended and dealt with clarity of the language, the amount and appropriateness of annual dues for applicants and the like. [Your acting Secretary was not able to take down the precise arguments.] The essential results are as follows; a) the concept of annual payments by applicants was dropped and, in order to cover the costs of the ISLANDER during the time on the Waiting List, the applicant fee was raised to $50, b) The membership categories of Temporary and Non-Resident Membership were abolished and replaced with the category of Inactive Membership, and c ) the current practice of assessing new Regular Members with a $20.00 initiation fee was approved and written into By-Law 20.

The new Standing Rules and By-Laws as amended in the meeting were then. voted upon and approved unanimously -- 10 to 0 -- by the voting members present.

New Business
Charles M. Trammell was authorized to transfer the CMOs archives to the Washington Historical Society (formerly the Columbia Historical Society).

The meeting adjourned at 9:45.

-- John Seabury Thomson, Acting Recording Secretary