Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

June 15, 1989

This month's meeting of the Sycamore Island Club almost didn't take place. A very severe thunderstorm with high winds passed over the Island an hour or so before the meeting. The storm knocked out power to the Island and blew down a number of large trees on the Maryland side of the river. Fortunately the Island did not sustain any serious damage.

The meeting was called to order on the Island at 8:15 by President David Lyles.

Present were: Luther Carter, Phil Jones, Marion Schlefer, Amy Carter, David Lyles, Gerry Burton, Mark Schlefer.

The minutes of the May 10 meeting were accepted as printed in The Svcamore Islander (June, 1989).

Mark Schlefer reported expenditures of $991.50 for April; deposits of $3,75l.85; CMA dividends of $165.56; and a balance in the CMA account at the end of the period of $20,423.76. Total liquid assets of the Club are $48,349.61.

Financial Secretary:
Phil Jones (for Bill Banta) reported deposits of $1,819.09 during the period.

Membership secretary Marcia Marks reported by phone two resignations: William and Mary Powell, and John and Elizabeth Tillson. Pat Bode, and Sally Strain and Rich Walker were moved to Temporary Membership; Brian and Nancy Metzger were moved to Regular Membership.

David Lyles reported that the family potluck on Sunday, June 11 was a great success.

There was a brief discussion of the proposed changes in the membership categories. With the pending darkness and sparse attendance, action on the proposed changes was postponed until July.


David Lyles reminded members of the Third Saturday Work Session on June 17. The chore for the day will be chipping paint on the Clubhouse.

As the lengthening shadows threatened to extinguish the flickering light of the old kerosene lamp perched precariously on the rickety table, the meeting was adjourned at 8:45.

David Lyles for
Mary Vogel, Recording Secretary