Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

February 8, 1989

The meeting was held at the home of Al Brown and Mardy Burgess.

Jack Sanders, Phil Jones, John Lentz, Mark Schlefer, Peter Jones, Jack Colwell, Marcia Marks, Charles Trammell, David Lyles, John Thomson, Betty Burchell, Al Brown, Mardy Burgess

John Thomson presented three communications concerning canoeing.

David Lyles stated that he had written to the Montgomery County Historical Society with a suitable acknowledgement of their consideration of Sycamore Island as an historical site. Both sides seem to agree that this arrangement would not have been appropriate.

David also sent a letter regarding the threatened sewage problem upstream, mentioned by Marion Schlefer in a previous meeting. A copy was sent to the Canoe Cruisers. Jack Sanders asked if there is any way we could try to monitor the pollution upstream, since developers are boiund to continue their activities at many points. No sure way was suggested. It was mentioned that our sister canoe clubs might help.

Treasurer's Report:
The treasurer read his report, which was approved.

Financial Secretary's Report:
The report was read by David Lyles. Special mention was made of the resignation of Horace Custis, who sent an eloquent letter. He was awarded the status of honorary member, by unanimous consent.

Eligibility Report:
Marcia Marks recommended that the following persons be moved from the Waiting List to temporary membership: Johann & Kathleen Aeschilmann, Walter & Laura Minerbi. The recommendation was approved, along with the permission to go on down the list if either family did not wish to accept.

Kathleen Panoff wrote of the death of her husband, stating that she would keep her membership. Our sympathy goes to Mrs. Panoff.

Captain's Report:
In the absence of the captain, Peter Jones reported that the beavers have done extensive cutting of trees on the lower end of the island.

Miscellaneous Items Discussed

The desirability of keeping track of the numbers of people using the Island. Marcia Marks suggested the use of a guest book for this purpose.

Members should be advised that there have been several attacks on women along the towpath. They should use caution, especially in talking to strangers. (It was requested that this notice be placed as a separate item elsewhere in the Islander.)

Jack Sanders reported that the Saturday caretaking arrangements have gone a little more smoothly so far this year.

In the annual report of the archivist, Charles Trammell stated that work is continuing on the search for a suitable repository for the documents.

David reminded everyone that the third Saturday workfest will take place on February 18th.

Major Business

1. The vote on Phil Jones' proposal to increase the membership by 15.
The discussion included several statements by persons who enjoy the current lack of crowding on the island, but who felt that, given the present low usage, the addition of 15 to the list would not make much difference at all. Furthermore, it was stated that such a decision could be reversed if it did not work out. The measure was voted in unanimously. Large parties were of some concern. Peter stated that many of them come at uncrowded times, weekdays for example. There was also concern about picnic tables, their rather scanty numbers, and their condition.

A motion was passed authorizing Marcia to contact the next 15 members on the waiting list.

2. The question of changing the membership categories.
This has been mentioned at past meetings, but this time there was attempt to move further toward a resolution. After some discussion of the complexity of the present system and certain inadequacies, a committee was appointed to study the question and report back at the May meeting. The committee consists of Jack Sanders, Marcia Marks, and Brad Coolidge. They are open to suggestions.

After the meeting was adjourned, Al Brown showed a very interesting set of slides of trips he and Mardy took on canals in France. They chartered and piloted little canal barges through central and southern France. There were shots of them approaching locks, helping the lock keeper open the gates, tying up for the night, bicycling to the nearest village for food and the varied scenery along the way.

These minutes are humbly submitted by a completely unskilled minute taker.

Betty Burchell