Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

June 8, 1988

The meeting was called to order on Sycamore Island at 8:05 p.m. by President David Lyles.

Present were:
Bruce Dobbins, David Lyles, Joe Vogel, Jacqueline Gastinel, Victoria Dobbins, Jack Sanders, Marion Schlefer, cousin of Marion, Paul Engelstad, Mary Vogel, Mark Schlefer, Schlefer, from France, Luther Carter, Art Gutnick

The minutes of the May meeting were accepted as printed in The Sycamore Islander (June, 1988).

No communications to report.


Mark Schlefer reported expenditures of $1,650 during May with deposits of $3,412; dividends from CMA of $112; and balance in CMA account of $24,645. Total liquid assets are $39,645. Mark reported that we are over budget on House and Plumbing but by merging with Repair and Maintenance category, we can stay on target. We will have a big tax bill later, but if we follow our budget as well as we have the past months, we should be under budget for the year.

Financial Secretary:
Mary Vogel reported for Max Goepp. Total receipts for May included $876 for dues; $60 application fees; $50 special assessment; $10.02 donation; $34 for large parties; $200 f or guest card fees; and $24 for canoe rack rentals, making a total income of $1,253.77.

Deputy Captain Jack Sanders reported that volunteers for Saturday caretaking seem to be drying up. Thirty-one families have volunteered at least once, but not many have volunteered more than once. We need more people to sign up. If volunteerism doesn't improve, we may have to consider other ideas. But for the time being, we will continue to ask for volunteers. Saturday shifts are from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. It was agreed that it is not the responsibility of the Saturday caretaker to help with groups. If a large party wants to stay past 6 p.m. on Saturday, it is their responsibility to run the ferry. Members complimented Peter Jones on keeping the lawn mowed so well.

Mary Vogel reported for Marcia Marks. There were two resignations this month, Robert E. and Mary Jane Lee III (regular) and John and Anne Lehman (non-resident). The recommendation to move Thomas Hoge to temporary membership and Ian MacGregor and Susan Garbini to temporary membership was moved and accepted by members. Herbert and Lila McGinty were moved to senior status. Additions to the waiting list include Gerald and Barbara Barton, Washington, D.C. and Chris and Elizabeth Bartch, Bethesda, Md. Guest cards were issued to John and Ruth Stapko; Margaret Herring; Lyle Blanchard; Victoria Cowles; and Peter and Debra Friedman. At present we have 17 non-resident members; 125 regular; 15 temporary; 25 senior; and 60 on the waiting list.

Grounds Committee:
Betty Burchell presented a clarification of last month's report (to be incorporated into the minutes). To clarify last month's report, Betty asked members to call her (229-1886) to arrange to work on the grounds unless they plan to do one of the jobs listed on the bulletin board (in that case, just go ahead and do it).

There is also a change in the job list. Planting ground cover on the berm is temporarily discontinued because nature is doing the job for us. When the lower part of the berm is fixed up and dirt has been put on it, the ground cover will be planted there. Betty was surprised to discover that we have poison hemlock on the Island (Shades of Socrates!) It is not a tree, but a very tall, flowering plant with feathery leaves and many white florets. It will be eradicated, and it is not poisonous unless eaten. We are also working to eradicate the poison ivy on the Island.

Betty reported the good news that one of our waiting list members, Steve Paley, is an expert on wild flowers. Betty requested $75 to buy wild flower seeds with Steve's advice (approved).

David Lyles reminded members of the 3d Saturday Workday for June 18. We will try to cut up the black walnut tree that fell and put up siding on the tool shed. Everyone is invited to work from 9 a.m. to 12 noon and enjoy a nice swim in the Potomac afterwards. David commented on how beautiful the Island looks this summer and thanked our caretaker Peter Jones for his help. The meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Mary Vogel, Recording Secretary
Tuesday, 14 June 1988