Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

April 13, 1988

The meeting was called to order on Sycamore Island at 8 p.m. by President David Lyles.

Present were:
Mary Vogel, Betty Burchell, Peter Fuchs, Art Gutnick, Brad Coolidge, Charles Trammell, John Thomson, Mark Schlefer, Pat Barnett, Phil Jones, John Stapko, David Lyles, Al Brown, Bill Banta, Jack Sanders, Peter Jones

The minutes of the March meeting were accepted as printed in The Sycamore Islander (April, 1988).

None to report.

Mark Schlefer reported expenditures of $3,410 during months of February and March with large expenses for insurance, whose costs have skyrocketed in past year. (Jeff Glosser, law committee, is reviewing all our insurance policies and will report back in two months.) Mark closed the checking account at Potomac National Bank, which leaves us with a balance of about $3,000 in our CMA account. Total liquid assets are $18,000. We are within budget on all items. Report accepted as submitted.

Financial Secretary:
Bill Banta reported for Max Goepp. Total receipts through March, 1988 were $4,564, including dues of $3,930, $40 for initiation fees, $60 application fees, $240 for special assessments; and $293 for guest card fees. Report accepted as submitted.

Deputy Captain Jack Sanders asked members if they thought the Saturday caretakinq system was working well, and members agreed it was operating smoothly. One recent weekend the river was up, and members suggested we should have guidelines for operating the ferry. If the river is up 5 1/2 to 6 feet, the ferry is not safe to operate, especially if the water is rising. One member suggested that we could paint one stair on the steps to the ferry to show where the danger line is for high water. Also the forecast for the river level is on page 2 of the Metro section of the Washington Post. It was reported that Ken Fassler will soon be rigging the ferry line to the new post put in recently.

Charley Trammell reported that he and his son turned on the water on the island recently and also did plumbing repairs. They cleared the sink in the ladies' room but discovered a blockage in one line, which needs to be cleared by a professional plumber. Peter Jones will have a plumber make an estimate for repairs. All other plumbing is now working. The new dryer is working, but the washing machine is not yet completely installed.

Marcia Marks reported receiving a note from Lee and Ruth Loevinger thanking the club for advancing them to honorary membership. There were two resignations: Gio Banta and Anna Gori, regular; and Robert and Margaret Farr, senior. It was moved and approved that David and Kathleen Holdridge be moved to regular membership.

Additions to the waiting list include: Mina Holland, Bethesda; Margaret Herring, Bethesda; Peter Gillon and Melinda Wolf, M.D., Bethesda; and Lyle M. Blanchard, Washington,D.C.. Moved to Honorary membership as voted in March were Gordon and Edith Fox; Glendora Horne; and Lee and Ruth Loevinger. At present we have 16 non-resident members; 124 regular; 16 temporary; 26 senior; and 58 waiting list.

House Committee:
Peter Fuchs reported that the walls of the main room had been scrubbed and repaired and all is in readiness for painting this Saturday. He read a list of suggestions for improving the clubhouse that need help of specialists:

1. Someone who can cane and/or repair broken chairs. (Bill Banta volunteered).

2. Someone to loan hanging plants (need to be taken home in winter).

3. Help in cleaning out files and other cabinets (Phil Stone to be consulted on this.) Books to be put in bookcases.

4. Interesting photos, paintings, etc. that need to be sorted through and framed to hang on walls. (John Stapko volunteered).

5. Peter and co-chair Marilyn Fuchs plan to put shades on hanging lights. Marilyn will also wash the big rug in main room.

Grounds Committee:
Betty Burchell reported that grass is coming up beautifully where the geese used to feed, and she plans to post sign asking people not to walk there.


Adam DeVito, Carpentry Supervisor, reported he may be transferred out of town for 2 years and if so, he will have to resign his position. Phil Jones reported on results from the questionnaire that was mailed to all members with their bill for dues. He was assisted in this work by Marcia Marks and Sea Sitomer. They learned that there are 101 children under age 16 in possible membership (one-third of this number belong to people who are on the waiting list). People were also asked which committees they would like to serve on, and Phil will mail this information to committee chairmen.

Members reported there still seem to be unidentified canoes in the canoe racks, and David Lyles will pass on members' suggestion to John Lentz to make an updated canoe inventory for Spring.

President David Lyles stated that the major business of the evening was to vote on the proposed standing rule change concerning canoe racks as printed in this month's Islander. The purpose of the change is to clarify rules, and the changes proposed stick to the tradition that each regular member is entitled to a canoe rack and a locker. After a brief discussion by members and two minor changes in the wording proposed by David Lyles (these changes are underlined in the complete text as printed below), the standing rule changes were passed unanimously by the membership. The changes to Standing Rule #14 as passed by the membership are as follows:

Delete the introductory paragraph of 14 and substitute: Only regular, temporary, and senior members, with boats registered with the Supervisor of Canoeing, are eligible for a canoe rack. Racks shall be assigned on the basis of one rack per member, and the following order of priority: A) regular members. B) temporary members and C) senior members.

    (1) Should there be any racks remaining after an initial one-rack assignment has been made, such racks may be assigned as second racks to the same classes of members, and in the same order.

    (2) At any time when the demand for racks exceeds the supply, they will be released promptly to the Supervisor of canoeing for reassignment, in the following order:

    I. Second racks held by senior members, and then by temporary members, and then regular members, in that order,

    II. Initial racks held by senior members, and then temporary members, in that order.

    (3) A user fee of $24.00 per year (payable annually, but pro-rated monthly as appropriate) for initial racks assigned to senior members, and for 2nd racks assigned to any class.

    (4) Members wishing to store boats outside the canoe shed shall do so only with the approval of the Supervisor of Canoeing and in areas designated by the Supervisor. For senior members, and for regulars and temporaries holding assigned racks in the canoe shed, there shall be an annual user fee of $12.00 for such outside storage.

John Thompson reminded members to enter the Whitewater Race. David Lyles remarked on the delightful article by Bob Sinclair about canoeing in the last issue of the Islander. The meeting adjourned at 9:20 p.m.

Mary Vogel, Recording Secretary
Monday, 25 April 1988