Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

March 9, 1988

The meeting was called to order at the home of Joan and Gordon Kennedy at 8:15 p.m. by President David Lyles.

Present were:
Mary B. Vogel, Joan Kennedy, John Thomson, David Lyles, B. E. Bays, Marion Schlefer, Brad Coolidge, Peter Fuchs, Betty Burchel1, Mark Schlefer, Charles Trammell, David Winer, Leonard Meeker, John Matthews, Gordon Kennedy, Peter Jones, Maximilian Goep III

The minutes of the February meeting were accepted as printed in The Sycamore Islander (March, 1988).

John Thomson reported that the family of Roger Gessford (an early member) had donated a collection of pictures from the twenties, portraying canoeing and club activities on the island. Members enjoyed looking at the old photos John brought to the meeting.

David Lyles reported that he had received a letter from Honorary Members Ellery and Clara Fosdick with a contribution of $50 to help defray expenses of the Islander, which they greatly enjoy reading. On behalf of the club, David gratefully accepted their contribution and wished them well in retirement.

Mark Schlefer reported that he will present a bi-monthly report in April.

Financial Secretary:
Max Goepp reported a total income for the month of $18,000, including $15,000 in dues, $975 for the special assessment, and $1,000 in fees for guest cards.

John Matthews said we needed new cables for the swim float posts and also expressed dissatisfaction with the present rope being used to tether canoes in case of flood. David Lyles suggested John buy the cables (around $75) and new rope, and it was so moved. Gordon Kennedy will go down to the island this coming weekend and re-seed the lawn. He remarked that we need a breed of weed-eating geese instead of grass-eating geese. Gordon suggested that we look at the esthetics of the shed that Ken began building to be sure the exterior fits the character of the island. David Lyles agreed, but first it needs to be finished. David said he will contact Adam DeVito (carpentry supervisor) and suggest he get together with John Matthews and Gordon Kennedy to see how the shed should be finished.

Charles Trammell III has volunteered to supervise the turning on of the water the weekend of March 19, weather permitting.

David Lyles reported we have purchased a washer/dryer at 1/3 the amount budgeted. Now it needs to be installed. On the third Saturday workday planned for April 16, the main room will be painted. Then the room will be ready for Workfest on April 17 and annual Potluck Dinner. David Lyles reported that the sign-up for weekend caretaking duties has gone well.

Marcia Marks reported a large turnover in membership this month. There were seven resignations: Andrew and Marjorie Crockett (regular); Julianne Glacken (regular); Elisabeth Swift (regular); Gordon and Edith Fox (senior); Glendora Horne (senior); Lee and Ruth Loevinger (senior); and Julia Gillespie (wait). Brad Coolidge moved that the Foxes, Glendora Horne, and the Loevingers be advanced to Honorary Membership in recognition of their services to the club. It was enthusiastically seconded by John Thomson and passed unanimously by members. Marcia reported receiving a letter from the Bernsteins expressing their appreciation for being elected to Honorary Membership.

The following persons were moved to temporary membership: Kevin and Eliza Klose: Bruce and Victoria Dobbins, and Charles Verharen. Moved to regular membership were John and Folly King; Michael Grant; Christopher and Elsbeth Russell; and Joe and Mary Vogel. Added to the waiting list was Lincoln Smith, Bethesda, and guest cards were issued to Frances and Stephen Goldman, Fraser Brewer and James Gilbane; Nell Hennessy and Frank Daspit; and Robert and Madelaine Oakley. At present we have 16 non-resident members; 124 regular; 16 temporary; 27 senior; and 51 on wait list. Marcia requested a motion be made giving her permission to select whoever is eligible to fill current vacancies, and it was so moved. It was moved and seconded to accept Marcia's recommendation for the four members selected for regular membership.

House Committee Chair:
Peter Fuchs reminded members that on the 3d Saturday Workday, March 19, the main room will be cleaned and prepared for painting in April. Coffee and donuts furnished to workers.


John Thomson will propose an amendment to appear in the April issue of the Islander to formulize procedures for use of the canoe racks by all categories of membership.


David Lyles thanked Billy Bays, who is on the waiting list, for his interest in the club showed by his attendance at tonight's meeting. David also thanked Bruce and Cathy Gaber for hosting new members at a party at their home recently. Bruce and Cathy will present a slide show on the ecology of the Anacostia River at our May meeting.

John Thomson invited members to participate in the annual Potomac River Whitewater Race on May 1, which we co-sponsor. An islander of any experience could participate since the course is patrolled by safety boats. John also reported on an upcoming article in the Islander, a historical report on Sycamore Island in the twenties and thirties by an active observer of that period.

David Lyles thanked Joan and Gordon Kennedy for their hospitality and the meeting adjourned at 9:20 p.m. The next meeting will be on the island.

Mary Vogel, Recording Secretary
Friday, 18 March 1988