Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

February 16, 1988

The meeting was called to order at the home of Diane and John Noble at 8:05 pm by President David Lyles.

Present were:
Mary Vogel, Bill Banta, John Noble, Mark Schlefer, David Lyles, Peter Geiger, Marcia Marks, Peter Jones, Philip Jones, Lydia Weber, Ann Michener, Peter Fuchs, John Thomson, Betty Burchell, John Michener, Phil Stone, Diane Noble, Marion Schlefer

The minutes of the January meeting were accepted as printed in The Sycamore Islander (February, 1988).

President David Lyles had received a letter from Lewis Bernstein tendering this resignation and that of his wife Elaine because of her ill health. They have contributed much to the club, and John Thomson moved that they be made Honorary Members (seconded by Phil Jones). Without objection, members accepted with regret their resignation and elevated them to Honorary Membership status.

John Thomson had brought a copy of the Potomac Almanac for January 27 to the meeting, whose front-page story headlined our club, calling it the best-kept secret in Washington. A copy will be placed in the clubhouse.


Mlark Schlefer reported expenses of $2.905, dividends of $88 and deposits of $75. We went way over budget on House and Plumbing expenses -- had to buy a chemical toilet, repair a serious electrical problem at $787, and make repairs to caretaker's apartment for a total of $1,153 (budget for the whole year is $1000). Mark moved to increase the House and Plumbing budget $1,000. Total asserts including 5-year CD are $20,800. Increase in House and Plumbing budget and report as submitted were approved by membership.

Financial Secretary:
Max Goepp was not present, but his report as submitted included income of $116.00 for dues and $30 for application fees, a total of $146.50.

John Matthew not present, but Deputy Captain Jack Sanders reported that a weekend caretaker sign-up sheet through April 30 had been circulated in the Islander, and Jack hoped for a good response. He wondered if members would be willing to do repeat assignments. David Lyles said that he was reluctant to require a mandatory work requirement for member. John Thomson said that he considered this a volunteer club and he didn't want to require work as a basis for membership. Others agreed and said we should see how the volunteer caretaker system works out before considering alternatives.

David Lyles thanked Caretaker Peter Jones for his insightful article in the Islander on life on the island in winter and hoped for more reports.

Marcia Marks reported much activity in membership. She reported one resignation, Julianne Slacken, and asked for permission to fill that slot. John Thomson moved that whoever is eligible be selected by priority from the list, depending on who accepts. Approved by membership. Jack Talmadge's correct telephone number is 362-4371. Additions to the waiting list include: James Gilbane and Fraser Brewer, Chevy Chase; Larry and Eve Barrett, Bethesda; Frances and Stephen Goldman, Bethesda; Thomas Roberson, Bethesda; Robert and Madeleine Oakley, Rockville. At present we have 16 non-resident members; 122 regular; 18 temporary, 30 senior and 53 on the waiting list. Report approved and accepted. Marcia reported that Phil Jones and Sea Sitomer had made a list of all the children in the club and it was available to club members.

House Committee Chair:
Peter Fuchs reported that on the 3d Saturday workday in March, the necessary cleaning and repairs will be made to get ready to paint on the 3d Saturday in April. If we have a good turnout, it will go quickly. David Lyles reminded all members that Feb 20 is the 3rd Saturday workday, and we need a chain saw to work on the fallen tree.

Annual Report of the Archivist:
Archivist Phil Stone gave his annual report on the archives. It was approved by the membership and will be incorporated into the minutes.

There was no unfinished business.


John Thomson proposed discussing at a later date canoe rack rental fees for senior members and people who want to rent a second canoe rack.

Ann and John Michener, who were attending the meeting from Baltimore, offered to donate to the club their Old Towne fiberglass canoe. It is a sturdy canoe and is even equipped to be used with a sail. David Lyles thanked them for their generous offer and said they would have first use of the canoe when they come to the island.

Mark Schlefer said that he had been concerned for some time about our insurance policies (whose premiums he pays promptly) and wanted them to be reviewed by the Law Committee to see if the club is over or under insured. David Lyles asked Mark to photocopy the policies and he would forward them to Jeff Glosser for review.

President David Lyles welcomed the Micheners who had driven from Baltimore to attend tonight's meeting. He also thanked Diane and John Noble for their hospitality tonight. The March meeting will be held at Gordon and Jean Kennedy's home. The meeting adjourned at 8:59 p.m.

Mary Vogel, Recording Secretary
Friday, 12 February 1988