Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

January 13, 1988

The meeting was called to order at the home of Angela and Jeffrey Glosser at 8:15 p.m. by President David Lyles.

Present were:
Bill Banta, Mark Schlefer, Jack Sanders, Trip Reid, Mary Vogel, Lisa Peattie, Jessie Bakeman Marcia Marks, John Thomson, Betty Burchell, Edith Corliss, Peter Jones, Angela Glosser, Al Brown, Ruth Haas, Marian Loeb, Jeffrey Glosser, David Lyles, John Holdridge, Lydia Weber, Philip Jones, Peter Fuchs, Marilyn Fuchs, Charles Trammel II, John Matthews, Coy Lay

Minutes of the December meeting were accepted as printed in The Sycamore Islander (January).

No communications reported.


Mark Schlefer reported a balance of $1,107 in checking account at end of December with expenditures of $628. CMA account has balance of $7,450. We stayed well within our budget last year with income of $21,700 and expenditures of $18,700, giving us a surplus of $3,000. Report was approved as submitted.

Financial Secretary:
A total of $100 was collected during month of December.

John Matthews reported that the electrical system on the island has been checked thoroughly, with repairs totaling $786. This sum included a new heater for the caretaker's quarters, plus repair of serious defects, which could have been dangerous. We now, have a good, sound electrical system. Installed also is a functioning winter toilet. A long discussion was held on feasibility of installing a washer/dryer for use of caretaker, which was proposed previously. Technical problems exist, which we hope to solve, including environmental considerations. John Thomson made a motion that if it is technically feasible (as determined by the Captain, House Committee, and others involved) a washer/dryer will be installed for use of caretaker. Motion seconded and passed.

Peter Jones recited that the channel from island to Maryland shore is frozen and he has placed a rope across for the member to use when walking across. The island has been beautiful in the snow and ice.

Marcia Marks reported the resignation of regular member Jane B. Hatter; one addition to the waiting list (Richard and Linda Riegelman, Bethesda Md.); and recommended that John and Miriam Crook be moved to temporary membership. At present we have 17 non-resident members; 123 regular; 18 temporary; 29 senior and 48 waiting. Moved and passed to accept the report.

Bill Banta presented to the club the handsome new sign describing the Montgomery Sycamore Island Club, which will be put on a post at the ferry cable. John Matthews proposed that the sign be backed with plywood to prevent it from bending.

John Thompson reported that he had already received an answer to his request for help in mailing the Islander, and Bruce and Catherine Saber will be his new helpers.


President David Lyles brought up two items of unfinished business: the user fee for canoe racks and Saturday caretaking duties. Since John Lentz, Canoeing Supervisor, was absent, Charles Trammell read a letter from John commenting on the user fee proposal (incorporated into the minutes). The main points included: dead storage in canoe racks; increased club costs in 1988; user fee is equitable; senior members would vacate on one months notice; user fee is common in similar clubs. Charles Trammell agreed that it would be more equitable if the canoe rack list is adjusted monthly instead of annually as suggested in Betty Burchell's letter.

During the discussion of this issue, many members expressed concern about changing the character of the club by charging for one specific activity. Others wanted to support the committee for its conscientious report on a difficult issue. It was suggested we raise dues if we need more money for the budget. David Lyles pointed out that if we rejected the idea of user fees for canoe racks, we would need $10 more from each member for 1988.

Instead of raising dues, one member suggested that we have a special assessment of $10 for this year only. Mark Schlefer moved that in addition to the dues as assigned in last month's budget, a $10 special assessment for one year only be assigned to the reserves of the club. The assessment would be $10 for regular members; $5 for seniors; $2.50 for non-residents; guest cards would stay the same. Motion was seconded and passed.

David Lyles had asked Jack Sanders to discuss at this meeting how we could divide the Saturday caretakinq duties equitably among the members. But since it was late, David suggested we postpone the discussion of this very important matter to the February meeting.

For the 3rd Saturday Workfest this coming Saturday, officers of the club, supervisors, chairmen of the committees, plus any interested members will meet for a planning session at 9:30 a.m. on the island (unless ice conditions are dangerous.)

Charles Trammell presented to the Recording Secretary (which will be incorporated into the minutes) a schematic of the plumbing system on the island, prepared by his son Charles Trammell III (waiting list).

The February meeting will be at the home of John and Diane Noble.

President David LyIes thanked the Glossers for their hospitality, which is a January tradition. The meeting adjourned at 9:55 p.m.

Mary Vogel, Recording Secretary,
Wednesday, 20 January, 1988