Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

December 9, 1987

The meeting was called to order at the home of Peggy and John Thomson at 8 p.m. by President David Lyles. President Lyles welcomed members to the Annual Meeting, as the December meeting is so designated in the By -Laws.

John Stapko, David Sitomer, Pete Raynor, Phil Thorson, Lewis Bernstein, Arline Gutnick, Elaine Bernstein, John Lentz, Gordon Kennedy, Joan Kennedy, Beverly Meeker, Leonard Meeker, Joan Heidemann, Peggy Thomson, John Heidemann, Brad Coolidge, Jesse Bakeman, John Thomson, Bill Kugler, Joan Kugler, Mary Vogel, Bill Banta, Philip Jones, David Lyles, Joe Vogel, Charles Trammel I, Cynthia Barnes, Denise Duddleson, Penny Doolittle, Warring Barnes, Bill Duddleson, Phil Stone, Dick Doolitt1e, Trip Reid, Ellen Richards, Tom Richards, Marcia Marks, Betty Burchell, Peter Jones, Mark Schlefer, Marion Schlefer, Jack Colwell

The minutes of the November meeting were accepted as printed in The Sycamore islander (December). President Lyles introduced our new caretaker Peter Jones and welcomed him to the club. Later Holly Syrrakos, who is Production Manager of the City Paper, was introduced and welcomed to the club. They will take up residence on the island on January 3, 1988.

David Lyles had received a letter from Emily Bennett advising the club of the death of her mother Mrs. Nelson Bennett., who was an Honorary member and had once served as treasurer.

Mark Schlefer reported a balance of $1,700 at end of November in checking account, with expenditures of $2,394 and total liquid assets of $24,200. We have $7,500 in the CMA account and $15,000 in a 5-year CD. Mark made a motion to accept his report and in addition to increase the budget for the Islander by $300. The motion passed.

Financial Secretary
David Lyles reported for Max Goepp that a total of $245.00 was collected in fees in November.

John Matthews was not present. David Lyles reported that members have covered the island in the absence of a caretaker, but we need more members to sign up for Saturday and Sunday coverage until Jan. 1. John Thomson circulated a sign-up sheet for coverage from 9-1 p.m. and 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. or dark. Several members have been visiting the island on weekdays, with Betty Burchell visiting daily. She and Judy Lentz will visit on Christmas Day. Charles Trammel I reported that his son has given the new caretaker Peter Jones a complete briefing on the plumbing system with a schematic drawing.

David Lyles reminded members of the third Saturday work session on Dec. 19. We need to lay in wood for the caretaker and the rotten sycamore that fell near the boathouse needs to be sawed up. Betty Burchell brought up the question of buying a winterized toilet but decision was postponed.

Marcia Marks reported the resignation of Honorary member Leila Gurley. Additions to the waiting list are Robert and Louise McCoy, Bethesda; Stephen and Kathleen Paley, Bethesda; and A. John and Ann Armstrong, Arlington, Va. At present we have 1? non-resident members; 125 regular; 17 temporary; 29 senior; and 48 waiting.

Bill Banta presented the nominations for Officers, Supervisors and Committee Chairmen. (His list to be incorporated into the minutes). Bill said that his commute brought in new members plus traditional participants and felt we had an enthusiastic group to serve. David Lyles asked if there were any other nominations. A motion was proposed to adopt, the slate as submitted by the committee and motion passed.

David Lyles reminded members of the little-known by-law stating that chairmen of standing committees should appoint not less than two nor more than six persons to serve as members of the committee. David thought chairmen should appoint six members to help as we should try to get as many people as possible to participate in the club. He congratulated the persons nominated and said he would plan to get together with the group to plan strategies for 1988.

David Lyles said it was now time to discuss the proposed by-law change for a user fee and the budget. But first we would discuss the new budget, since it would help us understand why a user fee has been proposed.

Mark Schlefer presented the proposed budget for 1988. (The income items were furnished by Max Goepp.) The proposed budget figures are incorporated into the minutes. Mark explained that we are expecting members to serve on Saturdays on the island as that is the caretaker's day off. By doing so, the club will save $1,000 yearly. David Lyles explained that this proposal is a significant departure from past policy. Previously we paid Ken Fassler $20 for each Saturday. David thinks it is a good way to get members to participate and suggested that we empower the Deputy Captain to assign families to Saturday caretaking, with one family serving from 8 a.m. to 2 p..m. and another from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. With this schedule each family would serve 1/2 Saturday every 14 months and this would help hold down expenses. A member asked why not use volunteers; to which David replied that the burden would not be spread evenly. Another member suggested that we explore the possibility of having the caretaker take his day off in the middle of the week and shut the Island down that day. One member asked how safe is the ferry for inexperienced members to operate. David Lyles pointed out that the ferry is not safe to operate when the water is six feet, and rising. A motion was made that the club membership assume responsibility for island coverage on Saturdays if after discussion no change is made in caretaker's Saturday's off.

Mark Schlefer explained increases and changes in budget. To members asking for additions to budget, Mark pointed out that if we wanted to increase expenses, we would need to increase dues. At present it was a very tight budget, it is also important to build up our reserves. We have already increased dues to $160 a year or $13.33 per month. Since we were running out of time, David Lyles suggested we postpone discussion of user fees and act on the budget since we needed to send out bills in January. Several motions were made and restated until a final motion was accepted as follows: A motion was made to adopt the budget without revenues from the canoe rack rental fee. This item will be brought up at the January meeting. Passed.

One member suggested we re-think our categories of membership, perhaps having a category called inactive members, because at present our senior members are often our most active members. Betty Burchell mentioned again the need for winterized toilet facilities as it would not be appropriate to enter the caretaker's quarters. John Thomson moved that the club be authorized to replace the winter toilets on the island. Seconded.

David Lyles asked the membership if we could return to Ken Fassler the welding rig we had bought from him previously. In return he will do several chores for us on the Island before he leaves. The membership agreed with no objections to return the rig to Ken.

The meeting adjourned at 9:25 p.m. to partake of the delicious refreshments provided by our hosts before gathering later to hear John Lentz's account of his trip on the Katun River in Siberia.

Mary Vogel, Recording Secretary
Tuesday., 35 December 1987