May 2015

Friday -- May 8, 2015
Water Level at Little Falls: 4.2     Water Temperature: 56

Today we are celebrating the end of WWII, 70 years ago, and there is a big fly-over planned for D.C. The restored old warplanes are schedule to fly over Sycamore Island at around 12:00 noon. I've already heard from a few Club members that say they plan to come to the Island to watch the airshow. The weather is about perfect so maybe I can get some pictures.

Monday -- May 25, 2015
Water Level at Little Falls: 3.5     Water Temperature: 72

Happy Memorial Day! First real day of summer on the Island.

I just got back from my river trip and the river has change a lot since I left two weeks ago. Instead of being over four feet, the river has gone down to 3.5 feet, and instead of being 55 degrees, it is now a tolerable 72 degrees. Good news for us swimmers.

It was a busy day that started early and even though most people were gone by 7 o'clock, we still had to pull the ferry 29 times today. Welcome back, right?

Friday -- May 29, 2015
Water Level at Little Falls: 3.3     Water Temperature: 80

The river is still going down and the temperature is still going up. It's so nice not to have to worry about flooding this year. Last year's sudden flood in May is still etched in my memory.

There has been a steady wind from down river and even though the river is low it's not been easy to pull the ferry in the wind. We had some storms and I got some dramatic pictures of the clouds. In between cloud bursts I was able to do a little trail-clearing and grass-cutting this week, for the Club and also as part of The Canal Steward Program.

Be aware there are a few large parties and sleepovers planned for June. The Memorial Service for John Lentz will be here on the Island on Saturday, June 6, 4-9 PM.

I was away most of the month so it's a short log this month. If you want more you can go to and see all the pictures of the upstream part of the river and canal.