September 2013

Sunday -- September 1, 2013
Water Level at Little Falls: 3.1     Water Temperature: 83

Well, it happened again. A club member decides on a Saturday afternoon that they want to camp on Sycamore Island that night. They shoot off an email to me and to the camping supervisor asking permission. The camping supervisor replies that it fine with him but talk to Joe first. Of course, Saturday is my day off so I am miles away from my computer and email and I am clueless about the camping idea. The member couldn't get a hold of me, so they assumed that it was OK to camp. Bad idea. My first clue that there were campers here last night was when I walked out this morning and saw a tent pitched by the fire pit. Let me just tell everyone right now, I don't like surprises. If you want to camp, and I do encourage overnights, please make a plan and give me a couple days advance notice. Otherwise, camp somewhere else.

Monday -- September 2, 2013
Water Level at Little Falls: 3.4     Water Temperature: 84

Happy Labor Day!

There is no one here yet but I think we're going to have a good turnout for the big regatta today. I've got everything ready, the grass on the playing field is cut, there's plenty of toilet paper in the bathrooms, and I made sure that all of the Club canoes are in good working order for the big race around the Island. I tightened all of the thwarts and I replaced a couple of them as well.

I had to bury a raccoon first thing on yesterday. It was dead and floating by the swim dock when I found it. Strangely, there were two monarch butterflies sitting on it.

Last night we counted four great egrets in the tree instead of the usual three. Also, they have moved and they are now gathering in a tree on Rupperts, across from the cormorant tree.

It looks like the rotting screen doors to the deck are going to get fixed. Those doors have been bothering me for a while and I'm glad that it was decided to replace most of them. There are also plans to do a bunch of painting around the deck as well.

Holy cow, I just added up all of the visitors for r August. 400! give or take a few.

Monday -- September 9, 2013
Water Level at Little Falls: 2.9     Water Temperature: 84

Well, it happened again. Someone decided to camp out on Sycamore Island on Saturday night without permission. This time they didn't even attempt to get permission. This is a serious problem and I think we need to spell out the rules for camping a lot better and reprimand those who ignore the rules.

Sunday -- September 29, 2013
Water Level at Little Falls: 2.79     Water Temperature: 67

The river is the lowest that it's been since last September, except for last week of course, when it was only 2.74 feet at the Little Falls gauge. This is a good time of year, when the river is low, for us open-boaters to run the class 3 rapids at Little Falls.

April is for bluebells and September, it seems, is for jewel weed. I really wasn't expecting our jewel weed to continue blossoming this late, but they are definitely in full bloom now. The tall plants are simply covered with yellow flowers, like yellow polka-dots on a green background.

We had the Fishing Derby here yesterday. I'm not sure how many fish were caught but I'm sure everyone had a good time. I haven't been fishing near enough lately myself, but I did catch a nice smallmouth last week. That was before the water got cold. I was totally skunked when I went out earlier this week and I think the season might be coming to an end.

The new ping-pong table has been delivered and is now set up and ready for use in the clubhouse. The cool thing is, it's made of aluminum and can be used outdoors too! Drew also delivered 16 new plastic lawn chairs. Those old plastic chairs didn't hold up so well but it looks like we have some quality, long lasting, ones now, thanks Drew.

The zip line is getting closer to being functional. Dave Winer and Steve Newman built an awesome platform to stand on, and Dave also brought the new, hefty, cable down and he has already purchased the new trolley. Now we have to figure out how to cut the thick cable and get it fastened to the trees.

Old-timer's picnic with river songs on Tuesday! See you there!

NOTICE: After the picnic on Tuesday the ferry will be undergoing some needed repairs. Be advised that there will be NO FERRY starting on Tuesday afternoon until some time on Friday.