JULY 2009

Saturday-- July 11, 2009
Water Level at Little Falls: 3.0     Water Temperature: 78

There is a steady upriver wind this morning making conditions only slightly less than perfect. It's hard to complain about the weather lately. The river is an inviting clear-green color making it difficult to NOT take out a canoe.

Decided to go fishing last evening. Everything seemed aligned just right for a productive outing. Clear water, no wind and good timing, but for some reason the fishing was very poor. What are we doing wrong? I did catch a 12 inch bass last week but so far the fishing hasn't really taken off.

I think next year I'm going watch the fireworks from my canoe. I rode my bike down to The Mall on the 4th and had a great time. On the way back I stopped for a break at Fletchers boat house and I was surprised at what I found. Here it was, 11:00 o'clock at night and dozens of people were just comimg off the river. It was fun hanging out with all those paddlers as they loaded up their canoes and kayaks. I even met some people that I knew from the Canoe Cruisers Association.

Today we celebrate and acknowledge all the hard working volunteers of the Potomac Conservancy. The picnic is at Carderock and starts at 4:00 with food and a live bluegrass band. Go to and become a member.

Wednesday-- July 15, 2009
Water Level at Little Falls: 3.0     Water Temperature: 79

We had a mini workday here on Sunday. Very mini. I had three folks show up and we did get some work done. Sherrie cleaned the back walk and Gerry and Wayne primed the club kitchen. Gerry has been doing a lot of other chores around here lately as well. Thanks Ger.

Wayne brought back the old log saws that he took off the Island. These saws, three in all, are close to 100 years old and Wayne was kind enough to take them home and lovingly restore them. These saw have a rich history on the Island and you can read about them in Holly's archive piece in the last Islander. I'm so excited to have these relics back on the Island and we look forward to having them hung up in the new club room. Thanks Wayne! (I think it was Wayne Limberg but I'm not sure).

Read your Islanders! We are having two more mini workdays this month. One on Sunday July 19 and the other on Sunday July 26. If you plan to come make sure you call or e-mail me and let me know which day you plan to attend. Thanks!

Saturday-- July 18, 2009
Water Level at Little Falls: 2.9     Water Temperature: 81

You know it's summertime when the river drops below 3 feet. It looks perfect for swimming and the weather could not be better. It should be just right for our mini workfest tomorrow as well.

I bought a sofa! I'm so excited, we haven't had a real sofa here for the last seven years. Before the renovations I had to sleep in the living room on the futon, but now I have my own bedroom and a living room, complete with a sofa.