JUNE 2008

Monday-- June 9, 2008
Water Level at Little Falls: 4.1     Water Temperature: 75

It's been a crazy month so far with these almost-daily rain storms and fluctuating river levels. The bad weather has made it impossible to plan events down here and three large parties had to be cancelled. Luckily my power came on in time for Mike Gelb to have his Graduation party here last Friday. Those Gelbs really know how to party and everyone seemed to be having a grand time.

Don't miss the special presentation that I've arranged for Wednesday evening before the meeting. I've invited a couple of local historians to talk about the Potomac River Company(George Washington's company)and early navigational techniques on the river. I understand it's going to be a high quality presentation complete with projected arial photos of the river. The presentation starts at 7:00 or you can come early and join us for a picnic.

Tuesday-- June 10, 2008
Water Level at Little Falls: 3.8     Water Temperature: 75

The storm we had last Wednesday did more damage here than I realized. I was busy clearing the trails around the head of the Island when suddenly there was no trail to clear, it had been obliterated by a fallen black walnut tree. I was marveling at the new opening in the canopy when I noticed that two other huge walnut trees had fallen as well. These three tree were gigantic, like eighty feet tall, and as they lay on the ground their length covers three quarters of the width of the Island. I think the head of the Island can rightfully be called a true disaster area.

I have to cut the "grass" now, no more excuses. I couldn't cut it in April because of the bluebells and I couldn't cut it in May because of all the rain and flooding.

There was a raccoon walking around by the zipline yesterday, in broad daylight. Rarely do see them in the daytime.

Sunday-- June 22, 2008
Water Level at Little Falls: 3.8     Water Temperature: 80

The so-called Solstice Sleepover turned out to be a big Sidwell Friends graduation party. I've never seen so many teenagers here before. Nobody spent the night and to be honest there was relatively no Club participation. Nobody camped out. I'm not going to do the Solstice Sleepover next year and I think if Whitney wants to have a party she should schedule a large party through the large party coordinator like all the other members. I am also wondering why another large party(Norm's play reading)was schedule for that same day since the rules state that there can't be more than one large party per day. Having too many people on the Island, I'm realising, puts too much of a strain on the Island, the ferry, and the unfortunate person who happens to be relief caretaker. I want the island to be a happy experience for everyone and I'd hate to see someone leave the Island unhappy.

Yesterday was very busy but last Sunday was a killer as well, I counted over eighty visitors to the Island that day!

I put up a list of chores that need to be done around the Island. I thought it would be a good idea to give people the opportunity to pitch in and help the Club, but so far my list has been ignored. I thought this was a volunteer club. I can't do everything by myself.

Tryon took it upon himself to build and launch a new swim float. I was very impressed by his determination and energy. He carried all the lumber down the hill by himself, plus the floatation. He did draft some young Club members to help him carry down the heavy concrete anchors. I helped him put the thing together and yesterday Dave Winer, Eric Simpson, Drew walsh and Tryon got the float into the river. Thanks Tryon, you're awesome, and just in time for Whitney's party.

You might not recognize the Sycamore Store anymore. The painters have been working there for the last two weeks, the sign is gone and the familiar white clapboard house is now yellow. I think they're fixing it up to sell it.

Friday-- June 27, 2008
Water Level at Little Falls: 3.3     Water Temperature: 85

The young eagles have fledged and are now able to freely leave the nest. I lost track of what happened to the nest after the big storm we had but I like to think that both of the offspring survived. I paddled over there recently and got pretty close to one of the young eagles, it flew away as I approached and I said my goodbyes.

The squirrels found a way into the club kitchen and made quite a mess. I knew they were looking for a way into the house when I noticed that those little devils had chewed through the screen door that I just restored. They were foiled by the grate I put on the door but not before they chewed off all the newly painted molding. They then discovered that they could chew through the window screening in the kitchen and this morning I heard a raucous upstairs. I ran upstairs in my bare feet to discover two squirrels having a ball in the club house. I must have looked pretty funny chasing those squirrels around the room with the broom and throwing ping-pong paddles at them but eventually they found their way outside. I closed all the windows to the club kitchen and surveyed the damage. It seem there was a bag of corn chips left on the counted that the squirrel found irresistible.