Monday -- October 2, 2000 -- The Club is OPEN
Water Level at Little Falls: 3.7     Water Temperature: 63

It seems as though for the last two months there has been a steady chorus of boom... crash... thud... or bang. Anyone on the Island who hears this looks up at the sound. And the suddenness and loudness can be alarming for the uninitiated. The cause is the slow but steady rain of black walnuts falling from the big tree near the canoe shed that are hitting the tin roof. Since this tree is over a hundred feet tall, the velocity and speed of impact can vary... but it is always dramatic. Today it has seemed as though there has been one every fifteen minutes or so, and one wonders if some danger sign should be posted, especially if one imagines the consequences of such a walnut achieving zero velocity on the top of someone's head. Certainly your Caretaker creeps by at the margin of the drip line or scurries from shed to shed. Besides, it is downright difficult to walk under this tree because two months of bombardment has left the ground so covered with the equivalent of very large marbles that footing is chancy. It is a bumper crop for sure, as we do not remember so many falling for so long. Furthermore, walnut trees being the first to start loosing their foliage in the fall, it is now possible to look up to where the leaves are thinning and see lots of spheroids still clinging. So be alert, and remember to bring your hard hats if you plan to hand out at that end of the lawn.

Tuesday -- October 3, 2000 -- The Club is OPEN
Water Level at Little Falls: 3.6     Water Temperature: 64

There have been communications problems on the Island. Upon picking up the Caretaker's Wife's work phone, it was discovered that there was no dial tone. When Bell Atlantic (they will never be Verizon to us) was called to check the line we were told the problem was due to too many calls coming into our 229 switching area, that the system was overloaded, and that the line would probably return to normal in a couple of hours. Now, granted, because we are at the end of a very long line we are more susceptible to voltage drops during peak use than most folks, and it is true that many times the phones ring and there is no one at the other end... since that person experiences disconnect when this happens. But imagine a business being told that this situation of no dial tone on their connection with their customers is "something that just happens... and there is nothing to be done about it." What ... like the phone not working is now normal !!! This is like a communications "brown out".

And then, this same day, while trying to get Hewlett Packard technical support on the phone by using the telephone number given by HP customer service, the phone was answered instead by the answering machine of a private residence... with a recorded message making clear that this number was a home and not HP. When customer service was called back and chewed out for giving us the wrong number, their reply was that no... the number was correct... it was just that in that state the phones did not always work and that if we would keep trying to dial that number... eventually it would ring in the right place. Imagine... "eventually it will ring in the right place" !!! But what was shocking was to hear supposedly knowledgeable technical experts talk as though this state of affairs was normal. We last encountered this attitude when living in post communist Eastern Europe.

Our first thought was of sympathy for that poor family that gets a certain percentage of HP's technical support calls. But the second was to question what this means for the future of this increasingly complicated technical world we live in if it starts to increasingly not work... and its functionality begins to degrade proportionately to this same increasing complexity. A famous science fiction story with the same theme had an ugly end. Suddenly... the simplicity of forty acres and a mule is moving up the preferred survival options list in the world to come.

Wednesday -- October 4, 2000 -- The Club is OPEN
Water Level at Little Falls: 3.5     Water Temperature: 66

The telephone repair folks called this morning out of the blue... it had been two days since we were told the problem of no dial tone would eventually go away on its own, which it did... and lo and behold there really was a problem at the pole on Walhonding. Still, the technician verified again the report given in yesterday's log describing creeping degradation of the system because system capacity is increasingly exceeded.

The most interesting question of the day: What is that strange looking stuff right outside the rear door of the men's locker room? Answer... it was deer scat! By scat we mean poo poo... but we know this word only because Peter and Holly left Petersons Field Guide to Animal Tracks for the new caretakers and it has a picture of what we found described as "summer scat, of the soft type". It seems scat identification is a science. And by near, we mean that depending upon which direction that deer was facing, it was half inside the building if not leaning against the wall. One presumes this happened during the night, and the watch cats have accordingly been chewed out, not that they seemed to care.

Penny Doolittle was down today all excited about Phil Thorson's effort to mobilize Islanders and community types to participate in the effort to attack the kudzu on MacArthur Blvd. She suggested mobilizing "Kudzu Kadets" for next spring's event. It was heartening to think that people do read the Islanderand do care about community efforts.

Thursday -- October 5, 2000 -- The Club is OPEN
Water Level at Little Falls: 3.4     Water Temperature: 68

Lots of scurrying about today... with possible frost in 48 hours and certain cold rain there is seeding to finish, plants to bring in, outdoor things to be sheltered, etc. No time to even list... did not turn on the computer until after 2000 hrs. Life definitely speeds up at the boundaries of the two major seasonal transitions.

Friday -- October , 2000 -- The Club is OPEN
Water Level at Little Falls: 3.3 p;   Water Temperature: 68

It has been a desperate search... to no avail. The situation is critical. The geese are back... migration is in progress... the goose hotels are crowded every night... by this we mean the floats... and the red snow shovel which is used to remove the goose poo is no where to be found.

The quiet is ended. There were multiple goose fights as couples jockeyed for territory... and speculation that our regulars were returning, but this morning everyone was gone.

Grounds Supervisor Trip Reid was down yesterday for one of his periodic inspections and as we surveyed the lawn it could be seen that someone had been digging little holes everywhere... for worms was one guess. Conical holes, it did not seem as though a bird would have the proper equipment, and sure enough, abundant racoon tracks were later discovered near the Captain's float.

Saturday -- October 7, 2000 -- The Club is OPEN
Water Level at Little Falls: 3.2     Water Temperature: 66

This is the season not only of presidential debates but also of abundant mouse and vole gifts from the cats. Mostly dead, of course. It is hard for critters of any size to move about the Island quietly with all of this crackly leaf fall. All of this is disturbing to the Caretaker's Wife, a compassionate liberal, who invariably gathers the cats to give them a lecture on their Buddhist non-violent responsibilities. Barney and Miss T listen attentively, but there is, of course, no change in their behaviour. Then there is usually an announcement that the cat's rations need to be increased so that the poor felines will not feel the urge to chase harmless creatures. Once Barney was seen to sort of smile at this announcement, and the Caretaker has suspicions that the cats are smarter about this than they let on... but he is not silly enough to mention this. He did once foolishly suggest his own opinion that the problem would go away if the cat's rations were cut to the point where both the catching and the consumption would take place out of doors and thus out of sight... but he was then accused of being a closet Republican and was promptly dismissed from all duties having to do with cat food... other than lugging heavy cases of it down the hill. Still, there is probably some hope that increasing rations will result in fatter cats that will at some point result in slower cats and thus finally in higher Sycamore mice/vole life expectancy. No political metaphor is intended.

Monday -- October 9, 2000 -- The Club is OPEN
Water Level at Little Falls: 3.2     Water Temperature: 66

There has been a massive sewage release into Cabin John Creek, which enters the river just above Sycamore. All people are advised to stay away from the creek until Thursday, and swimming from Sycamore is discouraged. This might sound silly on a morning following an over night temperature of 39 degrees... but we did have swimming two days ago... and will likely again.

The pileated woodpecker has been spending his recent days on the Island. Although not seen, his loud calls have been frequently heard... they are unmistakeable because these bird-calls sound as though they belong in a tropical rain forest. Thus all the more startling when heard on a frigid day.

Tuesday -- October 10, 2000 -- The Club is OPEN
Water Level at Little Falls: 3.1     Water Temperature: 57

Today we received a visit from Nathan McElroy of Pepco (202-388-2340) who last week sent e-mail saying: "I work with Dave Paduda from Pepco. He ran into the caretaker a few months back and explained we need to do some maintenance work on the Pepco facilities that service the Island. I would like to do a preliminary Inspection and schedule the work." This conversation had happened during the phone repair following the lightning strike during which the Verizon technicians had pointed out the poor condition and age of the poles on the Island.

Mr. McElroy did inspect the 2 poles on the Island, and we learned that the first one to which the lines come to from across the river was made in 1936, although whether it was installed before or after the '37 flood could not be determined. Pepco intends to shore up and reinforce the pole across the river at the bridge, and wanted to know the condition of our poles. The older pole is OK, but just barely, and considering the infrequency of regular inspections, they will consider replacement and let us know. The older pole is western cedar, but the newer poles are made of white pine. For the purposes of the Island, they would consider using a fiberglass pole.

Wednesday -- October 11, 2000 -- The Club is OPEN
Water Level at Little Falls: 3.1     Water Temperature: 56

There has been much ado in the media about today's spraying for mosquitoes in Montgomery County in an effort to contain the spread of the west Nile virus. You may recall that the spraying has been previously postponed because of the very low temperatures and the supposition that they do not fly until the temperature rises above 55 degrees. Don't believe it.

Early this morning as the Caretaker's Wife was pulled across the river to go to work there were young mosquitoes everywhere near the river. Checking the thermometer upon return, it had not quite registered 50 degrees. Now it is true that they were all near the water... which as you will note is warmer... and one felt partially armoured with all the fluffy warm clothing... but still, it is a cautionary tale about believing implicitly everything one hears on the media.

On a recent jaunt to the beach near Lewes it was noticeable how many homes had martin houses on poles in their yards. In fact, it was not unusual to see a yard with many such pole houses for these birds, famous for their appetite for mosquitoes. Every year the Caretaker has made a plea for martin houses but has been unable to sway the budgetary authorities. A previous attempt to install bat houses failed because of the requirement that such houses be exposed to the direct heating rays of the sun at least part of the day, which is impossible on our tree shaded Island. Martin houses would also be a fun addition, allowing Island children the opportunity to watch martin families throughout the warmer months.

Thursday -- October 12, 2000 -- The Club is OPEN
Water Level at Little Falls: 3.1     Water Temperature: 56

It is a bleary morning. After the Presidential debates we went upstairs to break down and clean up after the meeting. Suddenly, through the open doors to the deck, we heard the sounds of a big or heavy animal moving through the yard below. Loudly, as there is no other way to move across the strewn leaves. Although the sounds stopped when we tried to look... and could see nothing... we were pretty sure it was deer sounds.

Just before falling asleep around midnight, the Caretaker had that awful feeling of something being under the covers with him as he felt something moving. Lights on and covers off revealed a large brown recluse spider crawling up his leg. Now, you have to understand that the Caretaker's Wife does not allow the taking of life, so after said spider was swept off of body and then bed, said spider had to be tracked down, captured, and taken outside to be released.

You have to understand that these cold nights are driving all manner of creatures to seek warm company, and as the floor in the quarters continues to deteriorate and sag because it has not been repaired following the '96 floods, new and bigger openings appear. For instance, the space between one side of the bathtub and the floor is now so big it could not be caulked, but had to be duct taped. Two nights ago the Caretaker was awakened from a sound sleep by a painful bite by something that was never found, so there was residual adrenalin upon approaching the bed again after releasing the spider.

Anyway, there was one other spider event in bed waking us... and then there were 3 separate alarm events waking us during the night that had to be investigated as what we hope were the deer set off various motion detectors... and then the dawn presentation by Barney of a not quite dead mouse... all this excitement but no sleep. So the Caretaker would like to express his appreciation to those Members who may have endured staff groggy-grouchiness and his sympathy to the Caretaker's Wife who, sleepless, had to leave the Island for a gruelling day's work.

Friday -- October 13, 2000 -- The Club is OPEN
Water Level at Little Falls: 3.0   Water Temperature: 57

It should be reported that following last Wednesday's meeting, Chuck Pill mentioned that his auto had been broken into last Sunday while parked at the lower lot on the Parkway. He did make a report at the Glen Echo Park Police sub-station.

Monday -- October 16, 2000 -- The Club is OPEN
Water Level at Little Falls: 2.9     Water Temperature: 62

This is a good weather alert!!! It is supposed to be a great October weather week!!! Shut down your computers; drop your pencils, bundle up your toddlers and come on down. If your employers ask where you are going, tell them that "Doc" has prescribed Indian summer sunshine to make you more effective next week... that "outdoor therapy" will help keep corporate health care costs down. Come harvest the good vibes of warm Sycamore sunshine while you may. Tuesday -- October 17, 2000 -- The Club is OPEN
Water Level at Little Falls: 2.9     Water Temperature: 63

For the last couple of weeks there have been very few small minnow-like fish to feed at the Captain's Float. The bluegill and medium sized bass are still there, as are the catfish, but the little ones are rarely seen when we take bread down for the little children to feed them. Any fisherpersons who can explain this mystery please stand forth. It is true that the kingfisher has been seen and heard hanging out there recently... his loud voice is unmistakeable... but we are talking hundreds of tiny fish... more than any flock of herons could account for. Have they gone somewhere else? Have their big brothers had a pre-winter feeding frenzy?

Today Club President Tryon Wells brought fibreglass insulation (R-11) down to begin the serious reconstruction of the upstairs warm room. Actually, today's activities were more "deconstruction." The old wall planking is being ripped off of the walls. We have so far discovered 3 nests of various kinds in the hollow walls, probably old mouse nests of some sort. The studs in the walls are very old 4x4's, and some were not straight as they show rough efforts of planning, maybe with an adze.

Tryon gets special mention in the dispatches for his efforts... not because he showed up to work... but because he showed up to work on his birthday.

Wednesday -- October 18, 2000 -- The Club is OPEN
Water Level at Little Falls: 2.9     Water Temperature:

Reconstruction of the walls in the upstairs warm room continues. Tryon began at 1000 hrs. Today we got some of the insulation up. Whenever the walls were originally put up, nails were cheap. We pulled well over thirty nails just from one vertical stud. Tryon has order up a delivery of OSB panelling from Home Depot to use as the wall covering, which will be painted and trimmed to look similar to the motif in the big room. The big room in the clubhouse uses "beaver board" as the wall covering, but it has been so long since this has been manufactured that Tryon doubts there is anyone under 50 that has ever heard of it. Anyone wishing to show up this weekend to help will be greatly appreciated, although a call before hand might be a good idea to make sure the delivery got here.

Thursday -- October 19, 2000 -- The Club is OPEN
Water Level at Little Falls:     Water Temperature:

Pulling the Caretaker's Wife over on the ferry this morning we noticed exhausted geese on the canoe dock. We know they were exhausted because although the sun had been up for hours, they had their heads buried beneath their wings as they do when they sleep and did not even stir to look up and check us out.

Migration is in full swing, and Islanders who are birder are reminded that sitting on the captain's float is front row to avian activity along the Potomac gorge, one of the major migration highways. Occasional flocks of various kinds will fill the air with their presence, both visual and auditory, and watching large flocks manoeuvre this way and that above causes one to wonder if there is a group gestalt, the way they move with group unison and purpose. The similarity to the movements of a school of fish is identical.

Work continues on the warm room.

We continue to have problems with the phones down here. This time Bell Atlantic says it is a software problem. You are referred to the report of 3 Oct. We are all sure to hear the phrase "software problem" increasingly in our lives, and in fact it will likely become the most common and most commonly curse able phrase in our lives. Citizens should be prepared to take up arms should Microsoft ever attempt to buy the telephone companies.

Friday -- October 20, 2000 -- The Club is OPEN
Water Level at Little Falls:     Water Temperature:

The Bell Atlantic servers still refuse to take our call for internet access... so it is unclear when these reports can be read.

Today we received a cryptic telephone call from an unidentified male voice wanting a correct address to send a letter to regarding "the money the Club borrowed in 1938." The address of the club president was given.

Saturday -- October 21, 2000 -- The Club is OPEN
Water Level at Little Falls: 2.9     Water Temperature: 61

The mystery of why we have not been able to log on to the internet for the last three days is solved: For some reason the telephone dialler software in our IBM computer decided... on its own... to alter the server telephone number!@#$% It looked at the (703) that starts the Virginia number decided... on its own... to add a "1" in front of it, thinking it was a long distance number!@#$% and making it an invalid number. Why it decided to turn on and do this... on its own one day... is a mystery. How does this happen... the computer just wakes up one day and makes its own decisions?? Just another Microsoft flakiness??? Since we upgraded to Office 2000 and Windows 98 it seems as though Microsoft is frequently deciding on its own that it does not like certain settings and will turn on and change them capriciously... especially in Word. The only thing one can say is @#$%!

Most of yesterday was spent waiting for Home Depot to call to notify us of a truck loaded with materiel enroute. The protocol is for us to call Park Police to notify them of a truck coming onto the Clara Barton Parkway, and then to go up and meet the truck in the parking lot, drive with them to lock 5 where we can unlock the chain barring access to the towpath, then accompany the truck down to towpath to where it can unload at the ferry. Unfortunately, they did not call until after 1500 hrs when the Parkway is all lanes leaving DC and Lock 5 not reachable, so delivery was cancelled until Monday. This will disappoint those who had volunteered to come down Sunday and work on the warm room, who will now have to find something more fun to schedule that time for.

Monday -- October 23, 2000 -- The Club is OPEN
Water Level at Little Falls:     Water Temperature:

Jessie Bakeman had a small party here this Saturday, and as she and her party were leaving, the Caretaker commented gratefully that they were taking not only their own garbage, but also that garbage and trash that others had left in the kitchen. When the Caretaker commented that it seemed that Members were increasingly leaving their garbage behind, Jesse was quick to point out that it was the Caretaker's own fault for letting the Members get sloppy, remembering that previous Caretaker Frank Davis "never let Members get away with that sort of thing. In those days the (Member) substitute caretakers were expected to clean the Clubhouse and scrub the floor." How times have changed!

There were also many swimmers over this weekend of falling leaves... and not just the Club's hardy polar swimmers. Warm enough for people, but the fish were very inactive, as many fisherpersons reported few bites.

Tuesday -- October 24, 2000 -- The Club is OPEN
Water Level at Little Falls: 2.9     Water Temperature: 61

We were distressed to have to inform John Krasny about Remar. You may recall that this is a Latino Christian outreach organization that for donations provided helpful services to some Members (painting, cleaning gutters, etc.) and were the folks who the Club called to haul away trash following the Workfests. They have pulled up stakes and relocated to Newark NJ. However, for jobs taking several days they will return, and can now be reached at (973) 482-1060.

There is a venerable old walnut tree at the top of the Island that is perhaps the largest tree on the Island not a sycamore. It is particularly noticeable now because hickory trees and walnut trees lose their leaves before anyone else and the hole in the tree canopy stands out. For this reason it is easy to see where previously unsuspected nut trees stood amidst the summer greenery. Their late leafing goes generally un-noticed in the spring when there is so much else going on to compel the attention... and then later on in the year one notices the nuts on the ground and only then looks up to take notice of the tell-tale compound leaves. An exception is the hickory tree growing right next to the deck, which mysteriously clings to its greenness far beyond its brothers and sisters.

Wednesday -- October 25, 2000 -- The Club is OPEN
Water Level at Little Falls: 2.9     Water Temperature: 61

Today Home Depot managed to deliver the materiel needed to continue work on the warm room upstairs... after the third try. Such a saga, but mind you, the Island is not the easiest place to deliver anything to. First one must attempt to explain why the actual address on the order is meaningless as the delivery address. Then one advances to the plea to have the driver call before coming so that he can be made to understand why he should go to a parking lot on the Clara Barton Parkway to meet some guy with a key and not to some address on MacArthur Blvd. The drivers are definitely put off when informed that the reason they have to remember a clearance number obtained beforehand from Park Police is because it is otherwise illegal to drive a truck onto the Parkway. But that is nothing as the tension when they turn off of the Parkway at Lock 5 and see for the first time the bridge and towpath that they must navigate. Here the Caretaker unlocks the gate to the towpath using the key given him by the Rangers... for which he had to sign innumerable government forms, raise his hand and swear an oath, and generally be made to understand that if he ever lost said key his best hope would be to flee to Canada. Now it is important for the Caretaker to keep the conversation rolling with studied nonchalance as though everything is normal despite the several places where the towpath narrows at where it has been partially washed out and where the view of the river from a truck cab can only be described as precipitous. The drivers are always told in advance about the place on the towpath where they can turn around, although not that it was designed for golf carts, but this is always forgotten as they pull up to the ferry landing and finally understand what is actually involved. The Caretaker is always ready for the inevitable "You expect us to do what?" And here is where max charm must be put into to play... or failing that... a twenty dollar bill.

Thursday -- October 26, 2000 -- The Club is OPEN
Water Level at Little Falls: 2.9     Water Temperature: 61

Both yesterday and today Tryon Wells was down to work on re-constructing the warm room, and only left today at 1845 hrs. There will be a mini-work day Sunday afternoon when any interested volunteers can help finish the project.

Gerry Barton has contributed a solution to the mystery of the missing small fish reported in the 17 Oct log: Yesterday when I was out on the water I went around the bottom of the Island. All your little fishes are in the weeds at the bottom tip of the island. I was amazed and commented to the canoe how many fishes there were. Helps that you finally cleared up the water so I could see what was happening.

Gerry's comment about the water clarity this season is well taken... several old timers have commented that they have never seen the river this clear. One can stand on the captain's float and see fish swimming on the bottom twenty feet away.

Friday -- October 27, 2000 -- The Club is OPEN
Water Level at Little Falls: 2.8     Water Temperature: 60

Bill Bays has brought us an article from the 17 Oct Washington Times that discusses the pollution problems in the Potomac and states that "samples taken by the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) suggests many parts of the Potomac from the mountains to the Montgomery County line may not be safe for swimming."

"Fecal coliform levels... a measure that indicates contamination from human or animal wastes... range from 100 to 1000 bacteria per 100 millilitres from near Westernport, west of Cumberland, to White's ferry, just above Great Falls, said David Lyons, chief of enforcement for compliance in MDE's water management division."

"Maryland requires local authorities to close public swimming waters if coliform bacteria reach 200 per 100 millilitres.

Bill points out that the distance from and aeration of Great Falls would lower somewhat coliform levels reaching Sycamore, and that the article is unclear how high the levels actually are at the White's Ferry area, but thought the article warranted a heads up.

Saturday -- October 28, 2000 -- The Club is OPEN
Water Level at Little Falls: 2.8     Water Temperature: 61

Now is the time to grab your calendar and make sure you ink in November 18 the day you will be on the Island for the Workfest festivities. You folks on the waiting list especially should take advantage of the opportunity to come down and meet Members and have a good time on the Island... to get involved...and experience that one thing normally denied... a fun weekend on the Island. Every Member is expected to make a service contribution, and as the last few years have seen a trend toward larger turnouts, the occasion has become more of a Funfest than a Workfest, as many hands make the onerous jobs go fast. Bring a dish for pot luck and help George and Marcia Loeb with the feast. A special effort should be made this year to incorporate the inclusion of children in the Workfest... where else in this world can they experience something akin to a community barn raising. And even if you do not make it down for the heavy lifting at 0900 hrs, come when you can. Last year people arriving in the afternoon gave a fresh surge.

Previous Workfests have seemed like those rare events where participation is its own reward. Think about it... many people who do not necessarily know one another come together in various small teams during the day to undertake a series of various tasks that singly are not very glamorous but together are crucial to making the Island ship shape for the winter. Most of these teams are collaborative efforts where no one is the actual boss but where the better idea imposes its own authority to get the job done. Yet I dare say that when most people leave the Island they leave with that warm glow that comes only from a feeling of accomplishment... and where can you get that... and what price can you put on it?

Remember... at this Workfest, we can take time to work on that other fun and important thing: a feeling of shared purpose and community.

Monday -- October 30, 2000 -- The Club is OPEN
Water Level at Little Falls: 2.8     Water Temperature: 57

Work continues on the warm room. Tryon Wells, Gerry Barton, and Carpentry Supervisor Chuck Pill spent yesterday afternoon labouring in the cause of warmer substitute caretakers during the winter months. Also, since the proposed addition to the caretaker's quarters is not happening, and as one of the goals of that proposal was to provide extra space for the Caretaker's Wife to be able to work at home without her job being jeopardized by the timing vagaries of high water or winter ice, the warm room will be used during the winter as her office during week days. Currently her office is now the one room that is the Caretaker's family living and eating space, and in fact because of the small size and layout in the quarters, the only room to be in all winter for all activities except cooking, sleeping, and toileting. There is nowhere to have an unheard telephone conversation, whether private or business, even if sitting in the bathroom with the louvered door closed. So when cold weather forces the Caretaker to spend his time indoors, this will mean literally living in her office all winter unless other arrangements can be made. A work console will be put in the warm room that will appear as a locked cabinet when not in use, and winter temperatures and the fact that the water will be off in the Women's bathroom means there will be little traffic through that room during the week. It is hoped this will be an interim solution, allowing the Club to delay until after the holidays coping with the questions of why no caretaker's addition is being built despite approval by the membership, whether or not one will be, and what this may mean for future employer/employee relations.

Tuesday -- October 31, 2000 -- The Club is OPEN
Water Level at Little Falls: 2.8     Water Temperature: 57

Despite frost in the suburbs the overnight temperature on the Island only went down to 41 degrees last night. Although the river water temperature has dropped below 60 degrees in the last 48 hours, this still determines the microclimate conditions here at this time of year. Our speck of land will stay warmer than surrounding areas because the temperature will be more congruent with the surrounding water temperature, and in the spring the same mechanism will mean that the Island will be cooler like the river temperature even though the surrounding land areas will warm faster.

Club President Tryon Wells made yet another appearance today to work on the warm room. Trim was applied, a new telephone line was run, and the first coat of primer applied. In a perfect world ten volunteers would show up for one day... fortunately we have had one volunteer that showed up for ten days. In this modern world few have the skills anymore... fewer still the time.