Wednesday -- January 12, 2000
John Matthew's Junior brought materials to attempt repair of the sagging floor in the Caretaker's bedroom. After cutting a large enough hole in the bedroom floor to inspect the foundation beneath, it was determined that the water and flood damage was much worse than first thought and so extensive that repairing just one part of the floor would not address the underlying structural damage to the entire ground floor of the Caretaker's quarters.

In the afternoon Captain John Matthews came down to look over the flooring situation after a report from his son.

Monday - January 17, 2000
John Matthews Junior came down to finish repairs to the bedroom floors and ceiling in the Caretaker's quarters. Repairs to the floor are temporary only, as it has now been determined by the Captain that the entire bedroom and bathroom floors will have to be torn out to repair the footings supporting the floor joists. This will necessitate the dismantling of the bed and drawers platform built into the bedroom floor.

Wednesday - January 19, 2000
Awoke to find the ferry locked in ice. After almost an hour Phyl and I were able to break a passage in the ice to the towpath landing, and went to lay in supplies for the approaching snow and cold.

Thursday -- January 20, 2000
The Island is closed until further notice because of the ice... too hard to break but not solid enough to walk on.

Friday - January 21, 2000
Called Park Police dispatch at 1902 hrs to report a dog in distress on the icy towpath, explaining that we have never seen a dog unaccompanied by people and suggesting that they should drive the towpath to make sure no human was in trouble.

At 1951 hrs Park Police brought a woman to the towpath landing who was looking for her missing dog. The Park Police spent almost two hours driving up and down the towpath with the woman using the PA system in the cruiser to call out the dog's name into the night.

Sunday - January 23, 2000
The Sunday caretakers have been called and told not to report.

It should be reported that people were on the towpath tonight at 2220 hrs in 17 degree weather using a flashlight only occasionally.

Thursday - January 27, 2000
First trip off Island in 8 days for supplies, pulling across ice while sitting in an aluminium canoe.

Saturday -- January 29, 2000
Crossed ice again using aluminium canoe to get groceries and paycheck.

2216 hrs observed lights on towpath in 21 degree cold and upon investigating found cross country skiers using head mounted flashlights.

The Sunday caretakers have been called and told not to report on Sunday.

Monday - January 31, 2000
Today spread motor oil upon the Clubhouse floor in the main room, as mandated by last month's meeting. Everything was covered except for the area under the pool table, a tiny strip running from the door to behind the stove to allow us to get to the dryer in the kitchen, and the area in front of the doors to the deck, which was heavily done last Summer.

Also today received the eighth call this month from women seeking to rent the "Club facilities" for events. They must be getting the number from the Yellow Pages as they try to line up something for the Spring wedding season.