Wednesday - October 27, 1999
Sgt Davis and Officer Grefe of the Park Police visited the Island today as a result of a general invitation issued when the Caretaker made a presentation to Two shifts at the Glen Echo sub station in August. They were interested in seeing what the river and towpath looked like from the Island, especially the rope swing. They brought along information concerning the fish ladder obtained at the dedication ceremonies which they attended. Sgt Davis was very interested in the AU report from the archeological dig at Ruppert's and vowed to contact the Potomac Conservancy to see if he could access it.

Thursday - October 28, 1999
While bringing a case of bottled water down the towpath encountered Eileen Hanrahan carrying monitoring equipment and learned she worked for the subcontractor measuring the sewage smell problem and responsible for preparing a report and recommendations to the WSSC. She stated that the report I had received three months ago from surveyors suggesting the sewage pipe would be replaced was not true. She was very interested to hear of the report concerning the problem with the Island well, and stated she would document our conversation and report it.