JUNE 1999

Friday - June 11, 1999
Blair family, new members, show up at ferry with guests openly carrying six packs of beer. The caretaker refuses to allow the alcohol onto the ferry, forcing them to leave it hidden near the towpath. They say they have never been sent a copy of Club rules.

Sunday - June 13, 1999 Bruce Graber sponsors an advertised cooking class/large party on the Island. The ping pong table is used for food preparation all day and Members do not have ready access to the kitchen, club room, or deck from 9:30 AM until 8:00 PM.

After dark the Caretaker's wife reported that the water pump is going on and off every few minutes. Investigation reveals that an upstairs toilet is running as a result of vandalism. The top has been taken off the back of the toilet and a woman's sanitary napkin has been wedged into the tank valve in such a way as to keep it from closing. This can only have been done in a deliberate fashion, and it is unclear if perpetrated by Member, guest, or surreptitious intruder sneaking on Island.

Monday - June 14, 1999
Rich Lodish, who has booked a retirement party for 32 persons, has in fact a party for 40 (or 45, if the set up people who then left are counted.) This is a violation of the rule requiring parties of 35 or more to be authorized by a vote at a monthly meeting.

Tuesday - June 15, 1999
Received call from Lila Lindon, a non-member, wanting to schedule a large party at the Island on 26 June. She intends to "invite a few Members," so she "will get one of them to sponsor it."

Eight teenagers, around 14 years of age, came over to the swimming float from the rope swing area. They were observed but not bothered until they started fighting and playing king of the float, at which time they were informed that their behavior was dangerous and unsafe and that they would have to leave so that the Club would not be exposed to liability. They left after cursing the caretaker.

Later in the afternoon another group of older teenagers came from the area of the rope swing and hung out at the swimming float. No reckless behavior was noted and they were observed but not bothered.

Wednesday - June 16, 1999
Unusual to have 47 people on a rainy day... at the end of the day a canoe (with paddles and life vests) is left out on the canoe dock in the rain and discarded beer cans are found in the trash can in the upstairs kitchen.

Thursday - June 17, 1999
Awakened at 0620 hrs by canoeist using the renegade canoe kept at the rope swing. They are observed leaving the area of the ferry dock and with paddles. As the renegade canoe is known to not have paddles, I immediately checked to see if any Club paddles seemed to be missing, but it was impossible to tell. Later in the morning I walked to the rope swing area where the renegade canoe is left tied up during the day, but there were no paddles left with the canoe and the presumption is that the two young men knew about the canoe and brought their own paddles.

George Loeb sponsors a visit by 46 people from the Discovery Creek summer school. This is far and away the best organized and managed of the many school groups that come to the Island. The children are split into sub groups of ten or less with two adults assigned to each sub group, and are given continuous lessons in things such as canoeing and compass and map reading.

Friday - June 18, 1999
Awakened at 0145 hrs (that's AM) by a group of people ringing the bell. Eventually they left the towpath ferry landing and walked to the area of the rope swing.

Saturday, June 19, 1999
First thing in the morning the canoe float is discovered to be floating askew and unusable in the river. The downriver connecting rope has been untied from the tree and is lying on the float, allowing the float to twist in the river as it is held only by the upriver rope. The canoe float was made operational again, but motives and perpetrators are a mystery.

Mardy Burgess sponsors overnight camping of 20 teenagers from her Quaker Sunday school class.

While canoeing, Mardy Burgess encounters a group of unauthorized teenagers swimming to the swimming float from the area of the rope swing and turns them back.

Sunday - June 20, 1999
One of the upstairs toilets is stopped up. No amount of plunging or snaking helps. (Finally put back into operation on Tuesday.)

Monday - June 21, 1999
Karl Kosok helps the caretaker remove one of the faucet seats with a special tool and then watches the Island while the caretaker goes to the hardware store for a replacement. The dripping faucet in the women's bathroom is fixed.

Saturday - June 26, 1999
John Krasny reports the paddles usually kept by the emergency canoe near the swimming float are missing. The presumption is that they were stolen during the 17 June incident when teenagers were observed leaving the vicinity of the Island in the renegade canoe.

Sunday - June 27, 1999
Mardy Burgess and her Quaker Sunday school group of teenagers planted a weeping willow tree in a clear area near the ferry landing.

Monday - June 28, 1999
Jim Matthews and son Jaime report seeing a huge water moccasin at the foot of Sycamore Island, with a head the size of a man's fist and a body as big as a man's forearm. The snake was partially in the water so length could not be ascertained.

Tuesday - June 29, 1999
Margaret Barry called to say she would bring 8 guests from her office after lunch and wanted to make sure the ferry would be manned. I informed her that while I would be taking Phyl to the doctor arrangements had been made for Judy Bader to handle the ferry while we were gone. When I returned and commented on all the people in her party I was informed by one of the Barry guests that there were a total of 16 guests not including Margaret and her children.