MARCH 1998

Tuesday -- March 24, 1998 -- the Club is CLOSED.
Well, gentle readers... wish I could say that my computer is fixed and that I was again on-line... but alas... I am able to make this daily entry only because Phyl and I had to take refuge at Tryon's house because of the high water this week. And am therefore able to use his system for this update. Island news...? Well, there has been high water, followed by high water, with intermittant high water, and I calculate that the Island has been open only 12 days so far this year. For almost 6 weeks of this time the Island has only been accessible by canoe, so indeed we are fortunate that we were gone two of those weeks and that Brenda and Kate had to deal with it. Still, warm appreciation to Phyl who has gamely crossed the channel by canoe to go work so many cold mornings. The flood this week reached 10.86 feet... the canoes had to be taken out of the bottom rack again... the lawn was covered... and there was very little Island left to stand on. The Captain's new winch mechanism to keep the ferry pull-rope above the high water worked wonderfully. We felt brave crossing the river at this level... and anyone who reads this missive should ask me about what happened when we got into the fastest current and I looked up and saw a huge spider crawling up Phyl's life preserver as she sat in the fromt seat ahead of me. As to when the computer will be fixed... well... you can imagine my difficulty in trying to schedule service technicians during a time when the ferry is running, since it mostly isn't.